2022 Blockchain Market Size in the Asian Pacific

David McBee, Photographer. Courtesy of Pexels photo #730564.

YONKERS, NY — April 21, 2022 — The promises of blockchain were first achieved in the United States. As crypto and virtual reality become more common, Asia Pacific is now leading a charge within blockchain innovation. Roughly $4.59 billion could have been generated by the Asian blockchain market in 2023. The year 2022 is setting the stage for tremendous developments in the worldwide use of cryptocurrencies and web 3.0. Now the infrastructure of blockchain is being built by skilled, Asian professionals.

Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain has a large promise ahead of it, but its application in the modern world is still limited. The limits faced by the blockchain world are known within the advancing of Asia. The obstacles in the way of blockchain are spurring innovation by Asian nations as a result. This participation in the growth of a digital society has led the Pacific region to outperform most global developers. The opportunity to innovate is placing Asia high within the blockchain’s future expectations.

Speed ​​of Adoption

The political climate of Asia offers its developers faster means of adopting blockchain overall. The legal risks and inherent unknowns behind distributed ledgers have halted most advanced nations. We find governments within Asia creating central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and even operating with zero paper money in public. The familiarity that Asia’s people have with digital payments, in whole, gives them a stance that easily transitions to using crypto or digital money.

High Percentage of Employment in Technology

Per capita, Asian residents are more likely to be educated in computer programming than people in Western are grown. There’s not only a high demand for computer science professionals, but all Asian students learn about coding in school and at very young ages. Competency in the field of computation puts one in the position to innovate upon blockchain. The potential for remote work today gives Asian programmers even more job prospects.

Western Investments

Western nations are another factor behind the booming blockchain industries forming within Asian nations. The rate at which Asia adopts blockchain is only possible when a basic foundation is in place. Agencies like IBM, for example, now structure blockchain algorithms that can be used, customized and then implemented by Asian businesses or retailers. The demand Asia has for blockchain innovation is compelling a few of the following companies into partnerships:

• Microsoft Corporation: Currently working with research institutes and Asian banks

• IBM: Specifically offering enterprise solutions for Asian businesses using blockchain

• Accenture: Famously powering Cathay Pacific Group’s flight and ticket apps

• Deloitte: offering funding and advisory services to Asian blockchain developers

A Few Obstacles Along the Way

The potential height that the Asian market could reach with blockchain might be equal to its greatest risk. Not all governments in the Asian Pacific are open to any cryptocurrencies other than theirs. Some nations have even banded ICOs, which are used to bring new coins to global emissions. While El Salvador made cryptocurrencies a legal tender, India is still on the fence in adopting cryptocurrencies from the world at large. Obstacles still stand in the way of the blockchain.

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