6 Weird Augmented Reality Games You Need To Try

Although a lot of players have been jumping onto the virtual reality train in recent years, many may forget that the ideas and concepts of ARG preceded it by a bit. Augmented Reality Games attempted to take “real world” places and implement video-game-like elements into them. The end result were some amazing ideas that helped to blend virtual objects, videos, and games, into the real world by superimposing them over top of the things that people were seeing from their mobile device’s camera.

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Most ARGs have been tied to phones and tablets, but there were some that showed up for the Nintendo 3DS. Over the years, some developers focused heavily on the ARG style and tried to innovate by providing players with some truly unique experiences. Some of these turned out well, but others look and feel a bit weird. Here are some good examples of the latter.

6 Father.io


Augmented Reality Games offer players something that traditional VR games, the ability to feel immersed without having to commit to a full VR headset. But the lack of equipment limits what ARG games are capable of, since players usually don’t have access to tracking peripherals besides the gyroscope in their phones. That still hasn’t stopped some developers from pushing the envelope on what Augmented Reality Games are capable of.

Father.io is an interesting concept that brings the First-Person shooting genre into the ARG space by allowing players to attach a specialized device to their phone that acts much like a “laser tag” beacon. By using the camera on their phone, they’re able to battle against other players in real-time. It’s a novel concept and looks great in terms of in-game gameplay, but it’s definitely all a bit weird. Seeing players running around and hiding behind everyday objects as if they’re enacting covert missions is definitely a funny sight.


5 Do Not Touch

Nickelodeon Do Not Touch

Some kid’s games can definitely be a bit weird, especially when a company like Nickelodeon gets involved. That’s what makes the Do Not Touch app such a blast. The ARG adventure places an ominous and tempting button onto the floor, counter, wall, or whatever other space shown through the device’s camera. Although it says not to touch it, players want to do just that. Doing so will open up a multitude of random mini-games, events, and virtual locations.

Developers packed a lot of wacky and zany stuff into this Augmented Reality Game and some of it can definitely get weird.

4 Neon Clash

Neon Clash ARPG Game

Players that saw Father.io and thought it may be a little too goofy might want to opt for Neyon Clash instead. This title is a bit newer and offers up the same style of “digital paintball” or “virtual laser tag.” The end result sees players running through a park-like area and battling against one another for control of various zones. It appears that there are even different game modes, like Domination and Capture the Flag.

The technology behind Neyon Clash is said to use mapping technology to produce real buildings within the game that mimic the buildings that players are playing near, and Father.io it doesn’t appear to use any extra equipment. That said, it still looks rather funny to see people running around while trying to stare at their phones at the same time.

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3 Flippy Friends

Flippy Friends ARG

Those that enjoy darts or the meme-worthy practice of “bottle flipping” might really enjoy Flippy Friends. The strange ARG places tons of fruit on whatever surface players choose, allowing them to then flip a character in an attempt to make them land on a piece of the fruit and crush it. Like a mixture between Fruit Ninja and Lawn Darts, Flippy Friends is definitely a bit weird when seen through a phone’s camera.

What really makes the game bizarre is the cast of colorful characters. There are an array of cartoony horned animals, cute chibi-style avatars, and more that can be unlocked and used. The best part is that it can be enjoyed with friends.

2 Five Nights At Freddy’s: Special Delivery

Five Nights Freddys Special Delivery

Players that loved the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise and want to bring it home, literally, and download Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery on their mobile device. If sitting behind a virtual desk wasn’t creepy enough to keep players on edge, now they’ll have to deal with a slew of animatronics loose in their own home. Although this ARG release is more than a bit creepy, especially in a dimly lit location, it’s a little strange, too.

Seeing these hulking beasts stomp through the halls and manifest out of thin air is one of the most unsettling and weird ARG experiences that players can have.

1 Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

Spirit Camera ARG

The Fatal Frame series is one of the most beloved titles to ever grace Japan. Amidst all the horror titles that feature gore and an overabundance of creepy creatures, Fatal Frame opts to keep things simple with its ghost motif. That isnt to say it isnt scary. The Fatal Frame series features some truly alarming jumpscares and some supremely unsettling ghostly figures.

Those that are looking for something creepy and paranormal can snag Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for the Nintendo 3DS. One of the original ARG games that showed up during the tech’s infancy, Spirit Camera takes players through a ghost-hunting adventure while using the 3DS’ camera to make it seem as if the ghosts and ghouls are haunting their own house.

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