8 Lucrative Technology Careers for IT Graduates

Are you a recent IT graduate? There are many job options in IT, and it doesn’t always need to revolve around fixing computers all day.

You can go up and beyond the traditional tech support worker in this day and age, and consistent hard work put into this field can be incredibly rewarding in the long term.

1. Augmented Reality Designer

Don’t confuse AR with VR. They’re both very different in terms of job responsibilities. Augmented reality uses the physical world and enhances it with computer-generated images; think of Pokémon Go and how popular this blending of worlds became.

Virtual reality, however, isn’t based on the real world. A job as an augmented reality creator would be a dream come true if you’d love to spend your days making virtual spaces for people to enjoy.

This job isn’t all fun and games, though. You need to be part of a team that creates interactive virtual worlds and experiences, such as designing the media, adding technical elements, user experience design, graphic design, and more. If you have a background in C+ coding, skills in 3D modeling, and are an out of box thinker, this industry would be perfect for you to delve into.

2. Mobile and Apps Developer

Always been a passionate mobile gamer? Imagine being able to create them for a living, or building a life-changing platform for productivity. Apps are used every day in the Google Play Store or App Store, so this field is always going to be relevant.


Dragon City, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds; All of these games need to be coded specifically for the mobile gaming space, and this could be your role. Are you eager to learn more? Here are some skills to learn to become a full-stack developer.

3. Network Engineer

Do you enjoy working with hardware? This isn’t the cliché IT support worker job, because a network specialist has an important role in the workplace. You’d need to analyze network performance and keep networks connected, which involves a lot of technical work.

This job involves backing up data and making it easy, assisting in network installation, updating or configuration, providing support for users, communicating with an IT team, and overall taking care of computer security.

The great thing about this career is that it involves working with people and a creative mind, so you’re not just working at a computer, you’re enjoying a balance of technology and creativity. It would be a satisfying career choice.

4. Web Designer

Don’t struggle too much with the idea of ​​coding? You may enjoy designing web pages for businesses, large companies, freelancers, or hobbyists. Have the opportunity to build pages using visual design knowledge, which can include creating photos, texts, colors, graphics, and other page elements. If you’re a creative person and don’t mind tapping into computer languages, you might love this job.

Learn the valuable skill-set of CSS, which is used along with HTML to build the foundations of a good website. A career in web design is also scalable because you can work as a freelancer. The possibilities with web design are endless, especially if you tag-team with a copywriter or SEO specialist.

Transferable skills are the most worthy skills in the IT industry. If you’re wanting to learn more about CSS coding, here are some incredible CSS tricks to transform your web layouts.

5. Cybersecurity Architect

This IT job is different in comparison to a computer network specialist, as it’s a more senior role in the industry and focuses on protecting a computer from hackers. If you’ve always been fascinated with the security of computer systems, a security architect may be well suited to you!

This job involves being the designer and maintainer of a company’s security system, which will prevent it from being bypassed or destroyed by malware. You would need to research security systems, understand the system of the company you work for, regularly test and assess the current system, build firewalls, and do a lot more analytical work.

In this line of work, you could be working to prevent serious crime and protect businesses that need higher levels of security. It’s a much-needed job and will always be important. For personal use, here are some of the best intrusion detection and prevention systems to boost your cybersecurity.

Are you artistic and good with numbers? A multimedia developer involves working on visual designs, animations, video, text, or sound into an application to enhance the user’s experience but also combines the skills of computer programming.

Any colorful graphics you see on a website, the multimedia development is in charge of. There’s a lot of back and forth communication with clients, project planning, coding, and designing, so you’d need to be very organized for the job. If you think you’d succeed at a multi-skilled role, this is a job to look out for.

7. Project Manager

Do you have excellent leadership skills and would be happy to manage a software company? If so, you may enjoy the role of a project manager. Every organization needs a leader, so every team member knows their place in the workplace, and a project manager makes it easier for everyone involved.

Organize and plan the unique goals of the IT project, locate resources while sticking to a budget, manage a range of potential issues, manage company finances, and overall make sure the project is performing well. You could be planning for the latest iPhone application, so this career path is very much respected in the IT field.

8. UX Designer

Passionate about creating a positive experience for people who use apps and browse websites? A UX designer has an important job, consisting of helping design and develop a website, and making sure it’s functional for those using it.

This job is also very versatile because you could be working for a freelancer, a small business, or a corporate company. Your chances of scaling your earnings and working as a freelancer yourself are very probable.

Choose a Career in IT

As an IT graduate, there is a lot of pressure when picking a job after graduation, but it’s important to go for what your passion is. If you love a particular area within IT, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Trial and error are what leads to a successful career, and this counts in any professional field. Having a good work-life balance is also the top priority, and there are many tech jobs out there with this in mind.


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