A Go-to-Expert Integrating Futuristic Technologies with Customer Needs for Personalized Solutions

Gary Lovell: A Go-to-Expert Integrating Futuristic Technologies with Customer Needs for Personalized Solutions

by Analytics Insight
April 20, 2022

33 Degrees South Consulting specializes in application support and development while focusing on systems integrations between new-age cloud applications and older in-house systems. The company serves industries like manufacturing, finance, aerospace and aviation, motor, online digital, and retail across the world. 33 Degrees South Consulting was incepted in 2017 and the team put together had already worked for 18 years together across multiple international customers, all having their own set of expertise. The company is focused on designing, developing, and launching with effective partnerships and constant communication as per business needs. The team follows “One size does NOT fit all” approach to tailor the best budget-friendly solutions to its global clientele. There are multiple services throughout the system integration process such as application management, web development, systems integration, database administration, and project management.

A Veteran Tech Leader with Global Clientele

Gary Lovell is the CIO of 33 Degrees South Consulting. With full support to multiple international customers, predominately in the US and Europe, and the Netherlands, Gary is contributing greatly to the company. He started his career in the IT industry in 1997 from a legal banking background as a Cobol programmer. Gary shifted to the retail industry and moved into aerospace and has been in the manufacturing and aerospace sector since 2004. He has worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 19 years as an SVC developer as well as an information senior specialist. He has two Diplomas in Delphi Programming and Computer Programming with sufficient skills such in business analysis, project management, business process improvement, SDLC, and many more.

‘Thinking Out of the Box’ to Streamline Disruption

Gary says that he has learned to integrate disparate systems where one is known to think out of the box for implementing integrations. He mentions that rolling out for a prominent US Forbes Top 500 customer resulted in one of the banks requesting similar methods.

From Scratch to Success: Overcoming Adversaries with Confidence

Gary claims that he experienced the primal challenge of finding a way of integrating different technologies from as low as green screen antiquated computing to the latest trending cloud integrations.

Focused Understanding for Better Leadership

Gary states that CIOs need to know their customers, their teams, and their businesses. They need to be a multiplier where they need to question rather than challenging to be technically present to recognize future technologies and impacts on the business. He adds that it is important for CIOs to understand their business from a use case perspective and financial perspective as well as how their decisions impact the organization as a whole.

Emphasizing Customer-centric Solutions with Advanced Technologies

Gary emphasizes that 33 Degrees South Consulting is focused on customized integrations and systems for the least invasive user experience. Improvement is inevitable with creative IT solutions. The team provides excellent application management, support, customization, as well as integration to the target audience. He highlights that there are four core businesses in this company such as business application consulting, SAP business solutions, data analytics, and technology platforms. The team remains current with the most recent trends, products, and technologies to ensure relevant solutions.

AI, Big Data, and Hybrid Systems at the Heart of Transformation

Gary mentions briefly how advanced technologies are all becoming inherently interlinked— one almost has no value without the other. He adds that today’s innovation needs to be a lot more stringent on how and what is stored in big data including quality, as well as quantity, is needed. Already there are glitches in AI due to data. Meanwhile, using AI to improve real-time data has already become the future commodity needing tighter security measures. The team at 33 Degrees South Consulting is capable of seamlessly integrating multiple hybrid systems from cloud, on-premise, the shelf, as well as in-house developed systems through Java EE, DBA, SQL, Linux, Unix, ARIBA, and SAP PI .

Shining Brighter with Enhanced Synergy

33 Degrees South Consulting will be more integration-focused while partnering with a customer who wants to make use of the latest and greatest technologies, claims Gary. The team does not want to lose the current apps and features they are currently use. The correct solutions tend to enhance the synergy between user and business process to accelerate the user ownership of systems.

Empowering Leaders with Handy Tips

Gary advises aspiring leaders to be connected with their own teams. “A leader should know how they think and what drives their team by spending time with them. This creates a platform for innovation and future designs with a motto. Work with your teams, don’t make them work for you,” he concludes.

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