A Quick Guide To Building An App For Both Android And iOS

Like Ukraine vs Russia, The Metaverse, and Cryptocurrency, there is one more thing that is in trend for several months and that is the development of mobile applications. There are thousands of mobile applications but still, this market is not going down.

Developing a mobile application can be difficult, yet as it is in trend, people are going towards mobile application development. Also, both the interface and user experience are significantly different when it comes to developing an application for iOS and Android.

But still, you want to make an application that can make an impact on both Android and iOS. The app development thing works differently on both Android and iOS operating systems. So is it possible that you can build an application that can run seamlessly on both the operating systems?

It is a yes, as there are so many applications running hassle-free on both platforms. But you will have to focus and need a qualified team to ensure user-friendliness on both platforms. You will also have to have enough resources with time to execute this development seamlessly.

This dual design feature can be done by certain steps which we are going to talk about further in this article.

What Are The Capabilities Of Your Developer?

Your developer must have a good command over both the development processes. You will have to know this developer and find out what expertise this developer has. If the developer does not have this dual expertise then it is going to be difficult for you to run the application seamlessly on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Make Priorities

It is essential if you have already decided what your application is supposed to accomplish after its launch. Once you establish your priorities of design you will get the idea that how actually it is going to be in your actual app development.

For instance, let’s say you have some features which are similar in both iOS and Android, but the user experience may be slightly different which can be neglected. If you are developing the same app for both the systems your app layout and UI designs are going to be somewhat the same.

But if this is not the case then you may find it difficult to build a mobile app.

Simillariites in Android OS and iOS

By the heading, your first reaction would be, “Whattt?’

So, the answer is, Yes it is possible. Not entirely but in some ways they are similar. For instance button alerts as well as push alerts are similar in some ways in both Android and iOS. To make the design process a little easier let me give you a tip.

Icons in iOS follow the same process that they follow on Android.

Interface differences

Of course, there are many differences between iOS and Android. For example, iOS does not come with an identical back button which is given in every android phone. While utilizing and designing the application you will have to take care of this kind of interface change too.

You will have to develop an app that has a different setup of navigation for both android and iOS. After all navigation system is different in both the operating system.

Other than the navigation system there is one more thing you want to have your mind at. Fonts of both android and iOS. You will have to set up your application in a way that your message to the user gets easily without any hassle for them.

They must not think that whatever you have written is some kind of riddle.

Tests and Testimonials

In the testing stage, this kind of application faces the most difficulties. Because it is built for different platforms. You will have to ensure a lot of proper timing for the testing of your application while making the roadmap and planning the app development. Also after allotting this time you will have to manage the timing if a bug is noted.

You will have to have enough time for this design and developing process. After the launch, the users will give you feedback. It improves your application but the user might not use your application again, and why is that so?

It is the tendency.

Also, you may build a team of experts just to take their feedback and testimonials to post on your applicable social media or you can also post them in your application. Their testimonials can be useful in Application design.


Apart from these, there are more things that you need to care about, but these 5 are the most important things to keep an eye on. Even in that, the capacity of your developer and the testing time are the things that you should care about.

Building an application for both Android and iOS is not a piece of cake. But if you want to provide an extraordinary application to both platforms, then your app layout, as well as your app design, will be welcomed by both the platforms.


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