Android 13 Developer Preview gives the first taste of the new system

Android 12 is still fresh and there is already the first information about the first developer version of Android 13. The most important feature of the upcoming version are improvements to the security features. In a recent post, Dave Burke, Vice President of Android Development, shows us the first innovations of the next major Android update.


  • First developer version of Android 13 has been released.
  • Improvements to privacy and security settings.
  • New features for developers.

The first beta version of Android 13 has already been released, although not even all current smartphones have Android 12. The main focus here is supposed to be on two different aspects: The improvement of privacy and security options as well as new features for developers to increase their own productivity.

In the privacy area, a Photo picker API will be implemented. This will allow you to share with apps only certain pictures and not the whole gallery right away. This way, the API will not only prevent apps from accessing your pictures without being asked, but also prevent these apps from needing explicit permissions anymore. Google is also adding a new permission for apps to target Wi-Fi connections that are nearby.

New developer tools and QoL changes.

Burke cited new features for developers as another key aspect for the first developer version of the operating system. These are primarily intended to save time and money in app development. In addition to a new API for customizing options in notifications, developers will have the option to implement a language API in the future, allowing users to select their preferred language directly without producing unnecessary code to make the switch. In addition, work is now starting on OpenJDK 11 LTS to improve outdated data libraries. Developers can also theme their apps with the Light or Dark theme regardless of the system theme.

Developers can now theme their app icons with different themes! / © Android Developers

On top of that, there are some quality-of-life changes. First and foremost, the Google Play Store will receive more updates in the future, making it more secure. In addition, applications will be better implemented on tablets and foldable smartphones in the future. You can install the new Android beta on all Pixel smartphones starting with the Pixel 4. However, this is a developer version. That means it is not intended for everyday use because there are still too many bugs and errors.

What do you think of the update? Do you think the new features would be interesting for the live version of Android 13? Let us know in the comments!


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