Apple’s iMovie brings next-level editing to budding videographers

The latest iPhones and iPads are incredibly powerful with state-of-the-art hardware that can match and often better many conventional computers. You can do everything from playing games to editing videos. Apps such as Luma Fusion offer professional features for videographers but for everyone else, Apple’s iMovie makes creating beautiful movies quick and easy.

This week, Apple introduced a new version of iMovie featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie. iMovie 3.0 for iPads and iPhones has new features that make it easier than ever to create beautifully edited videos.

“iMovie has empowered millions of people around the world to create and share their stories through video,” said Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing.

“This latest version of iMovie, featuring Storyboards and Magic Movie, simplifies video creation even further, and we think it will continue to inspire the next wave of video creators to dive in and get started.”

Learn and improve video storytelling with Storyboards

Instead of starting with a blank timeline, creators can choose from 20 different storyboards featuring a variety of popular video types, including cooking tutorials, Q&As, product reviews, news reports, and more.

Each storyboard has a shot list that organizes clips to tell a specific narrative. Each placeholder also includes an illustrative thumbnail, along with a tip that asks a question or makes a suggestion for how to shoot that clip to make it more interesting. For added customisation, shots can be added, reordered, and deleted from a storyboard as needed.

Creators can experiment by applying different video styles that include titles and transitions, as well as options for title layouts, fonts, filters, and color palettes. Music tracks dynamically adjust to fit the length of a project, and users can refine each clip with intuitive editing tools like trim, split, clip speed, and clip volume.

Completed Storyboard videos are easily shared from iMovie through Messages, Mail, and across social media platforms.

Create videos instantly with Magic Movie

Magic Movie helps create beautiful custom videos — complete with titles, transitions, and music — in just a few taps. To create a Magic Movie, a user simply selects an album, or any group of photos or images from their library, and Magic Movie instantly identify the best parts of the footage and creates the project.

Creators can easily put their own spin on a Magic Movie by rearranging or deleting clips in the simplified Magic Movie shot list, or by editing the project further. Styles can be added to change up the look and feel of the entire video. Like Storyboard videos, Magic Movies can be shared from iMovie via Messages, Mail, and on social media.


iMovie 3.0, including the new Storyboards and Magic Movie features, is available now as a free update on the App Store for devices running iOS 15.2 or later and iPadOS 15.2 or later.


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