What Is Kotlin? A Brief Introduction

Since the inauguration of Kotlin in 2011 by Jetbrain, it has made quite a name in the community of developers. Among all the statically typed and general-purpose languages, Kotlin stands on a higher ground comparing the most programming languages ​​to learn in this era of computer science. But what exactly is it? Let’s take a … Read more

How to Write Your First Java GUI Application

Java uses a set of features provided by JFC (Java Foundation Classes) to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs). JFCs are part of the Java platform and are therefore cross-platform. These classes provide features such as pluggable look-and-feel, internationalization, and Swing GUI components. This tutorial concentrates on how to use Swing components to create your first … Read more

Wake Up With a Cup of Java: 10+ Practice Projects for Your Programming Career Prospects

Johnny A senior Java developer and Java teacher at Learning Tree International programming courses. So, you’ve started to learn Java programming and wonder how to make the learning process faster and boost your career prospects. While reading books and watching tutorials on YouTube is a significant part of honoring a new programming language, it may … Read more

What are checked vs. unchecked exceptions in Java?

Some exceptions in Java must be handled in the developer’s code. Other exceptions can occur without any exception handling semantics at all. When an exception must be handled with try-and-catch semantics, it is known as a checked exceptions. If try-and-catch semantics are not required, it is known as an unchecked exception. Checked exception example A … Read more

Use Dapr on Kubernetes to build microservices in production

More and more organizations are embracing microservices patterns to build out their applications. They package these microservices using container images, and ship them onto a platform to run and orchestrate the container lifecycle, such as in Kubernetes. This journey starts with developers using their programming language of choice to build out microservices in small teams. … Read more

How to choose a certificate management tool

Many years ago, Madonna sang about sharing her secrets with us. While the IT version may not be as entertaining as what was discussed in that song, there are still important reasons to understand your encryption secrets and how they are provisioned, managed and corporate. The tools to do this go by various monikers, including … Read more