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Long ago, smartphones were considered a distraction for students. Parents and teachers were willing to do whatever they could to keep students away from these machines. But with the advent of the ubiquitous and affordable internet and the recent COVID situation, mobile apps have turned smartphones into virtual classrooms. They have introduced several study apps that make it easier to focus instead of getting distracted. Educational apps can make children more interactive, engaged and empowered.

Keeping teaching methods up-to-date is an essential part of getting students excited about their studies, and learning apps are a great way to do this. Apps are developed with primary input from educators and curriculum developers or have been shown in educational research to be effective learning tools. With the advent of educational apps, learning and teaching methods have undergone a drastic change. Now students can enroll in any class from the comfort of their home or move their classroom on the phone screen and organize various education related activities through these apps.

Here is the list of the best educational apps

google classroom

Google Classroom is part of the G Suite for Education (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) suite that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and other apps. It is aimed at teachers and students in both K-12 and higher education markets.

Students are required to regularly submit homework and assignments. Teachers are then expected to assess and grade them as soon as possible. But this process is not as easy as it seems due to the student-teacher ratio in modern classrooms. Google Classroom is the answer to such needs to streamline processes in education. It is, as its name suggests, a virtual classroom.


Higher education is no longer exclusive to undergraduates or contained within Ivory Towers. EdX makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to learn from distinguished institutions like MIT and McGill, and maybe even earn a certificate while doing it. You can tune in to online lectures, take quizzes, and complete assignments at your own pace, all without having to worry about getting a student loan.

Whether Computer Science or Linguistics; Business or engineering, edX has you covered. Completing edX courses can also earn you college credit. A combination of this with your professional degree can quickly get you on the payrolls of your dream employers in no time.


It can help you learn a large number of languages, from English and Mandarin and Spanish to Latin. Start with easy stuff like some basic words and picture tagging games and you’ll have him chatting away in no time. As you progress through the levels, engaging games will help you hone your vocabulary and grammar skills.

Duolingo is particularly appealing to teens, as the app has a reward system for users who reach their daily threshold. There is also a social networking component in the app that encourages younger users to invite their friends and compete with them to see who can advance the fastest.

khan academy

Khan Academy is a hugely popular online learning library packed with courses ranging from Math and Statistics to Psychology and Languages. It has a learning-first ideology and was founded to spread knowledge and teaching. This online education app aims to provide free, top-notch education for curious minds across the planet.

The app allows you to watch over 4,300 video lessons on topics including math, science, economics, and the humanities, either by streaming them from the site or downloading them to watch later or when you don’t have an internet connection.


It’s very simple: you click on a question image (it can be handwritten or printed), and then the app analyzes the image and teaches you how to solve the question using step-by-step video instructions. These explanations can also sometimes feature multiple methods of solving the same problem, interactive graphics, and animated instructions. It also has a built-in scientific calculator, and all of this can work without the Internet! Pretty cool, right?

You no longer need to worry about yourself if you sometimes feel stuck in puzzling math questions. Photomath has been rated as one of the best free educational apps for math students. It has made the whole learning process a piece of cake. To solve a problem, you simply need to click on a picture of questions in your book or notes. Photomath then single handedly explains the process, the mathematical formulas, the applications to solve those seemingly intricate problems, with examples.


Edmodo can also help teachers communicate with small groups of students using the small group feature. They can also provide updates to students absent from class and facilitate project-based learning in a classroom setting. Parent accounts are a great way for parents to watch and stay up to date with their child’s Edmodo activities. They will be able to see their children’s homework, grades, messages from the teacher, school calendar, etc.

Edmodo is designed to help reduce a teacher’s workload and make it easier to stay connected with their classroom and their students. Edmodo has millions of resources, created and shared by fellow teachers, ready to use in the classroom. Millions of teachers have used Edmodo to reach their students, improve learning outcomes, and get more out of their lesson plans.


With the Quizlet app, you can easily find resources for any topic at any level. Review any topic with fun, interactive flashcards, games, and diagrams. Quizlet makes it easy to discover and create study materials for languages, history, science, and more. Encourage students to compete for the highest score by playing Quizlet’s Match and Gravity study games at school or at home.

Educational applications can make learning more interactive and enable better interaction between the student and the content. Apart from paid apps, free educational apps for students also help them to explore the world of learning. You can create new ones, share with friends, and play games to review what you’ve learned. The app also gives you constant reminders and has checkpoints to track your performance as you go.


Tutorials on the latest technologies and frameworks with interactive features abound on Sololearn. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a pro looking to polish your skills, you can get your coding juices flowing in this app. It is considered one of the best educational apps as it has a collection of top-notch courses on Python, Java, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc.

SoloLearn is essentially a coding enthusiast’s paradise. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, SoloLearn can get your coding juices flowing with its huge collection of free coding tutorials in languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike java, python, c++, swift, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. . Application development is one of those areas where there is a constant demand for coders.

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