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About the Best iOS Apps for Developers

iOS app development is the process of creating apps for phones using Apple’s iOS work system. This included all iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, and iPod Touches. Apple conveniently offers helpful tools and resources for building apps for your devices. Therefore, iOS app developers can simply program in native languages, such as Swift or Objective-C – iOS apps only run in these. With these tools, iPhone app developers build, test, and refine apps for devices that run on the Apple operating system, always working toward business intent and standards.

Now, you might have an essential understanding of the inner workings of app updating, or maybe all of this is easily double duch for you. Either way, when building an app, even if you’re looking for a dedicated developer to do the work, you want to have a survey of the process. Selecting the iOS platform is a smart choice due to its worldwide popularity among most mobile and application services. So, you want to understand all the inner workings of the app building process and how to select the best iOS app development company.

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working copy

You may have been in a situation like this before: you’ve published a document and need to update it extensively, but you want the old version to exist on the website until you’ve published the new one. You also want the new document to replace the current one, but you’d like to keep the history of the old one, just in case. The working copy makes all this possible.

Essentially, you “check out” a version of the currently published document, which creates a “working copy” of the document. Then, you edit the working copy (for as long as you like) and when you’re ready for the new version to go live, “check in” your working copy and it’s active.

Asset Catalog Builder

Asset Catalog Creator takes any image and creates a complete set of icons, home screens, or universal assets for you. Unlike other icon generators, batch resizers, or scripts, these are produced in the latest asset catalog format, allowing you to drag a single file into Xcode and identify all icons with the correct size and name , in the right place and ready to use.

You can point to an existing asset catalog file and Asset Catalog Builder will merge new assets into it, prompting you to overwrite or increment file names to resolve conflicts. If you’re creating image sets, you can even update an existing image set with additional images specifically for the selected device type; with it iPad, iPhone, etc.


Rotato software is a platform used to make movie and image mockups for promotional videos, presentations, portfolios, and app store images. The software offers templates and drag and drop tools to work with images in JPG, PNG, MOV, AVI, MP4, MP3 file formats.

Present your designs in real time with animated 3D and can record screen activity by connecting to your iPhone. Professionals, small and medium businesses make use of the software.

BBEdit 13

The venerable BBEdit is a text editor that has long held pride of place among text creators and coders, and for good reason. While few will take advantage of all it has to offer, we’re all better off having such a gleefully complete arsenal of features at our fingertips.

A command line utility for extracting matching lines from plain text data using regular expressions, Grep has long been a powerful feature in BBEdit. However, unless you live and breathe code, using it requires a pretty steep learning curve. Fortunately, BBEdit 13 makes adopting Grep much easier in several ways.

Aurora Color Picker

Aurora is better than any of its competitors as it features much more details about colors, live color selection and replacement, easily copyable code snippets, dark mode support, context menus, Today extension, Watch app with palettes, Mac app with Touch Bar Palettes and a beautiful user interface with universal support and accessibility considerations.

The beautifully designed software is divided into three distinct areas: Live Color Picker via the camera or your photo library, Color Search, and Colors You Like. You can tap or click on any of these to see the details. Simply select an image from the Photos library to load into the app, then move the color picker to read the underlying color value. It’s as simple as that, really.

screenshot maker

Create beautiful and engaging screenshots for your apps and maximize your downloads. Screenshot Creator makes it easy for you to design your own professional-looking screenshots that will impress and inform your users; no design skills required! It has never been more important to make the images in your app list as attractive as possible.

It’s at the forefront of your list and can make the difference between a user deciding to download your app or keep scrolling. Screenshot Creator pricing starts at $9.99 per user, per year. There is a free version. Screenshot Creator offers a free trial.

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