Best Tools for VR Game Developers of 2022 April

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About the Best Tools for VR Game Developers

Virtual reality is far from simply being called a simulation device. It took decades of research and development to bring about a change in both the external and internal components of virtual reality devices. A clear account of the importance of virtual reality has been colossal, regardless of industry and commerce. While we obviously knew this for a fact, it wowed the entertainment industry. Games and animation share a common affinity for the use of virtual reality, and game developers are exploring and using all aspects of virtual reality. Virtual reality experiences are becoming more common and accessible to both consumers and businesses in a variety of industries.

Not surprisingly, developers and non-developers alike are using many platforms, developer tools, and software development kits (SDKs) to create immersive virtual reality apps and experiences. This creates virtual reality as a potentially lucrative opportunity if you are a game developer. But it’s also a lot of fun, offers lots of creative options, and doesn’t require a lot of money up front. Thanks to technological advances in VR, creating a VR game from scratch isn’t easier than ever. But with so many virtual reality tools available, it can be hard to know where to start. It leaves you stuck with many options but no sense of direction.

Here is the list of the best VR game developer tools

Google VR for everyone

This technology provides a wide variety of virtual reality tools to game developers and allows them to build a new virtual reality world for themselves. Equipped with the best technology in the world, powered by Google, it takes game development to the next level. With various guides for different platforms, the Google VR platform provides development kits to access various systems and create an immersive virtual reality experience.

These VR Software are the best you can find on the market. It would be a helping hand in creating a piece of art that every game developer wants. Resorting to these tools would combine the sheer talent of developers and the benefits of technology. Cross-platform, compatible with various devices, along with a user-friendly interface, the tools are a solution for all upcoming game projects that any game developer wants to do.

3D unit

Unity is by far one of the most widely used tools for VR development today. In essence, it is a game engine. It features a direct VR mode to preview your work on an HMD (Head Mounted Display) which can really boost productivity when designing for VR in a virtual environment. Unity is quickly becoming the standard tool for VR development due to its ease of use and ability to rapidly prototype VR applications with it.

There is a large community around this tool and as such there are plenty of resources and documentation to learn about. A 3D asset market can get you up and running in no time. If you’re familiar with JavaScript, you can also get into scripting pretty easily. All major HMDs are supported, and you can export your work to just about any platform you can think of, including WebGL.

Vuforia engine

Vuforia Engine is an app development platform that helps businesses build AR-enabled apps for tablets, mobile devices, AR headsets, and smart glasses. Provides the VuMarks module, which designers use to define content and convert it into a variety of objects, such as B. product lines, that can be embedded.

First introduced by Qualcomm, Vuforia Engine is comprehensive software that enables you to create compelling 3D product demonstrations and applications. Connect people with products through an immersive AR experience. It also allows users to place content on horizontal surfaces like tables.


Janus is more like a web browser for VR than a development tool. It’s a platform, and while the client is closed source and built into QT5, the server-side component is open source and written in NodeJS. Janus has full Oculus Rift support with avatars and some manual control via the Leap Motion controller. HTC Vive is also supported and Razor OSVR support is on the roadmap.

One thing that sets Janus apart from these other tools is that it’s really more of a web browser. Virtual environments are written in a similar way to how a more traditional website is created. HTML-like syntax is used to configure so-called “rooms”, and there is also basic JavaScript support. Since the virtual environments on Janus are just websites, you can serve them just like a traditional website, wherever using any web server and host it you want. It is completely distributed, just like the web today.


As a free and open source 3D computer graphics program, Blender is a program that caught on very quickly. Upon its release, it was the game developers who stuck with this program for its pure graphics and animation. Speaking of real-time controls to simulate physics and rendering, Blender delivers what it promises.

It is an open source platform. Simple user interface, ideal for beginners. A long list of valuable tools to make your presentations look super realistic and surreal. Constant improvement through regular updates. You can export to different file formats. One of the best features for VR developers will be the built-in rendering tool. The mixer features an unbiased trajectory engine that delivers stunning, ultra-realistic rendering.

scream engine

Cryengine (formerly known as Cryengine 3) is the first all-in-one development solution with truly scalable computational and reference graphics technologies. With Cryengine, developers are fully equipped to create exceptional gaming experiences using the engine behind games like Ryse: Son of Rome and the Crysis series.

Another game engine that aims to be a one-stop development solution for everyone. Enabling brilliant visual implementation, integrated audio studio solutions, and scalable computing options, this is close competition for Unity. However, the level of detail it contains is second to none.

SketchUp Studio

SketchUp Studio is a powerful 3D modeling tool focused on the construction and architecture industry, and you can use it to develop virtual reality applications. It is useful for use cases such as architecture, commercial interior design, landscape architecture, residential construction, 3D printing, and urban planning. You can get its powerful desktop tool with easy to use interface and designing your 3D building becomes easier with it. The tool allows you to use attractive graphics and SketchUp Studio offers features specific to the construction industry.

You can use this tool to create both virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) applications. There are learning resources and tutorials to help you learn SketchUp Studio, and you can access the SketchUp Help page on the partner website. You can find the pricing plans on the Plans & Pricing page of the website.

autodesk maya

It has a built-in Arnold renderer with both CPU and GPU rendering capabilities. With Bifrost’s new visual programming, it was easier than ever to develop complex flow simulations. It includes an extensive collection of ready-to-use graphic templates, particles, clothing, and hair simulations. It supports USD workflows, which has allowed our team to work seamlessly on the largest scenes.

Additionally, Maya can be extended at will by using a variety of plugins or by writing Python scripts. Maya is still an Autodesk VR software development tool. Maya allows you to create 3D animation, motion graphics, and VFX software. This innovative virtual reality development tool enables artists and designers to start and work alongside their 3D design process.

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