BigScreen Adds YouTube Premium Support

This Friday, Bigscreen VR (virtual reality), an immersive media streaming application, announced fresh updates to its platform that introduces tools to enhance streaming experiences for users.

Bigscreen introduces YouTube Premium integration as part of the update, meaning paying users can sign in and use unique YouTube features like ad-free video viewing.

Additionally, YouTube TV subscribers now can watch live sports (including NFL, NBA, and MLB) or TV shows in an immersive VR environment. Alternatively, users can rent movies from YouTube directly from Bigscreen.

Bigscreen made its application available on numerous extended reality (XR) headsets, including Meta Quest, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Microsoft brand headsets. Also, the most recent Bigscreen update is available on all supported devices.

Bigscreen intends to update the platform by integrating social VR features like a friends list in the coming months. The firm is also enhancing shared streaming options. Furthermore, the application updates its Bluetooth keyboard to support its remote desktop introduced last year.

More on Bigscreen VR

The news comes following a selection of updates that improve Bigscreens streaming abilities and introduce new use cases for the platform.

In December, Bigscreen VR introduced a Metaverse-lite update which allows users to stream media remotely as a group. The update comes after Nreal debuted a similar shared viewing feature for its lineup of smart glasses built for media streaming.

Additionally, Bigscreen updated the applications remote desktop feature last year. The update also adds improvements to user-hosted rooms, smoother streaming with “perfectly synced audio,” and support for 15 people in a single immersive environment.

Bigscreen VR is also dipping its toes into brand new verticals. Last month, the firm introduced a classroom that provides an immersive shared space designed for creative work, interactive games, and educational media streaming.

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