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Courtesy Wallace Harkness

A Cereset patient hooked up for treatment.

Much has been said about the power of self-healing, but most people have probably never experienced what Cereset can do.

Cereset, which stands for cerebral reset, is a 15-year-old technology that helps heal anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and even long-term COVID mind fog.

Carl and Suanne Bowcutt opened the business in Orem after extensive training at the Arizona headquarters.

In the past, most treatments have been given by way of neural outputs from the brain, but according to Carl Bowcutt, the input is the tricky part.

This new technology takes the brain’s activity output and turns it into an algorithm that then becomes an audible tone. “What we are hearing are brain activities,” Bowcutt said.

Courtesy Wallace Harkness

Cereset patient in one of a package of five visits to heal the brain from anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, COVID fog and more.

To get these brain tones, sensors are placed on specific lobes of the brain to pick up the neural output. The patient then wears earbuds, allowing the brain to hear its own tone.

“The brain hears itself and it begins to adjust and correct itself,” Bowcutt said. “This is also good for people with traumatic brain injuries.”

While Bowcutt’s pitch sounds fresh out of a science-fiction novel, he insists it works — and his son Sam Bowcutt is a prime example.

“Sam served in Afghanistan in his mid-twenties. We he came home he suffered from PTSD,” Carl Bowcutt said. “He couldn’t focus or even hold down a job.”

He said his wife were listening to a podcast where gospel singing artist Amy Grant spoke about her niece, who had severe anxiety/depression, and said this modality helped cure her.

“After my wife heard this she said ‘we are going to do this for Sam,’” Bowcutt said. Sam is now in his early 30’s, has graduated from college with a degree in computer programming and has a stable, good-paying job.

While regular insurance programs don’t pay for the treatment, Health Savings Accounts will, according to Bowcutt. The package covers five visits.

“Four days in a row for 1 ½ hours a day. Your wait 21 days to let your neuro pathways grow, then you come in for your fifth visit and you are good to go.”

The Package costs $1,500. If you bring in more than one member of the family then the others cost $1,000.

The treatments are non-invasive and some patients just nap through it, Bowcutt said. It’s referred to as brain stimulation balancing.

If the client is on brain altering medications they will need to get off of those, or the brain will not get the right information to heal. Bowcutt said Cereset, and the patients, will work with neurologists to make a plan to properly wean off medications. Then treatments can begin.

Six months ago, Bowcutt was the only licensed franchise in Utah. Now there are three. The Orem Cereset location has been open for business for about a month, but a ribbon cutting will be held Friday at 1:30 pm at 583 W. 800 N.

Cereset promotes evidence of their results online at, as well as in the peer-reviewed journals and presentations themselves.


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