Celebrate National Poetry Month at the Niagara Falls Library

Edgar Allen Poe, the great American poet and novelist, is quoted about the writing of poetry as being the “rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” April is National Poetry Month and consequently, the beginning of spring. That makes it a great time to take a fresh look at what poetry is, how it affects us and how we just can’t live without it.

Writing poetry allows us to give a voice to our lives, our experiences and is a vessel by which we can share our joys and our struggles. While being cathartic for the poet, their poetry can also bring to light deep sentiment and longing that not only dares to bring sympathy from the reader but can evoke the feelings and emotions of their own.

It allows us a way to practice empathy with others of varying backgrounds. It can foster understanding between the poet and their audience. Poetry also provides some rhythm to life as our voice carries the words and rhymes along and, when set to music, we will remember them for a lifetime. Just think of your favorite song — it is a great work of poetry! Whether you only read poetry or write it, too, there is a great opportunity to join in on a very personal journey that can make you laugh, cry, sing and even dream.

Take the opportunity during the month of April to visit the Victoria Avenue library and engage with the Poets & Painters Art Exhibit in the Rosberg Gallery. This exhibit is a collaboration between Niagara-area writers and artists, creating pieces of art and poetry inspired by one another’s work.

If you’re interested in learning how to write poetry, why not try out some of our great tutorials on LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning is a digital platform that has thousands of free videos and courses on any number of subjects. You can access LinkedIn Learning under e-learning on our website at my.nflibrary.ca or you can download the LinkedIn Learning app to your mobile device. Search for Poetry and you will find a whole host of great videos and tutorials to help you begin writing your own poetry.

If you’d rather have a book of poetry to read, you can choose some of our latest and greatest poetry titles. For kids, try “Hard-Boiled Bugs for Breakfast: And Other Tasty Poems” by Jack Prelutsky, which features more than 100 funny, new poems in various forms for children. “You Don’t Have to Be Everything” by Diana Whitney is an anthology of contemporary poetry for teenage girls that offers wisdom and compassion during a formative time.

Take some time to check out the 811 section in the library (where all the poetry is) and celebrate poetry month with a fresh new outlook.

Carrie Bosco is the customer service librarian at Niagara Falls Public Library. Contact her at cbosco@nflibrary.ca.?


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