‘Dating Coach’ Charged in Capitol Riot Gets Prison Term for Gun Crime

In sentencing him, Judge Robert Mandelbaum reminded him of the severity of his crime. “The fact remains that the defendant chose to arm himself to the teeth with a large variety of firearms,” he said. “That he didn’t act on any of his many disturbing threats does not take away from the seriousness of the offense.”

Mr. Fisher is one of almost 750 people who have been charged in connection with the riot. Most face misdemeanor charges, and prosecutors almost every day continue to file low-level charges against people who went into the Capitol but are not accused of breaking anything or hurting anyone.

The investigation is one of the largest in the history of the Justice Department, and has also resulted in more serious charges including assault, obstruction of Congress and seditious conspiracy. Two cases have gone to trial so far, both resulting in convictions. Several more trials are scheduled in the coming weeks and months, including one of a former New York City Police Department officer, Thomas Webster, who is accused of attacking the Capitol Police.

Following the attack in Washington, Mr. Fisher appeared to relish the violence he said he had seen — and hinted that the fight was not over. “People died,” but it was great, he wrote, according to court documents. “Seeing cops literally run … was the coolest thing ive ever seen in my life.”

Mr. Fisher’s boasts caught the attention of the federal authorities, and a search conducted during his arrest led to the state charges.

In addition to the AR-15, FBI agents searching Mr. Fisher’s apartment on East 90th Street and his car and found high capacity magazines, as well as a laser scope for a rifle, according to a sentencing memo produced by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, among other items.

Of particular concern to prosecutors was the discovery of a pistol Mr. Fisher had built himself, what is known as a “ghost gun,” that is unregistered and thus untraceable, according to the memo. In addition, although he had purchased his AR-15 rifle legally, he made illegal modifications to it that could increase its deadliness, prosecutors said.

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