Django vs React Native and When to Use Them Together –

React Native may be a JavaScript library that wants to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

React Native combines the benefits of native development with React and its best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. you’ll use React Native to create Android and iOS projects. For a beginner who knows React, it’s very easy to find out about React Native.

React Native primitives render to native platform UI, which suggests your app uses an equivalent native platform APIs that other apps do.

There are two possible approaches to using modern JavaScript frameworks – client-side rendering, where the browser downloads the code and renders the UI, or server-side rendering, where the UI is rendered on the backend.

The main difference between JavaScript solutions (such as React.js) and older technologies is that JS requires a big amount of logic and document manipulation, as if it had not been server-rendered at the least .

The React Native library is pretty much like the React library, aside from the very fact that React Native comes witz a native components library that’s used for mobile development.

React Native distinguishes itself from other popular JavaScript frameworks when it involves flexibility. Not only are you able to grab a library and use it to display an easy page or a view, but you’ll also combine React Native with other tools and use it as a framework which will lay the inspiration for a posh application.

Benefits of React Native

1. Development Time:

React Native app development enables the developers to write down the code once and use it everywhere. The code can easily run on multiple platforms like iOS and Android.

This framework utilizes Facebook’s UI library to form straightforward and straightforward code for the implementation and execution of ReactJS.

In order to develop a sound React Native app, you would like a JavaScript developer proficient in native UI elements, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development design. The React Native JavaScript framework is famously known for its agility and scalability.

2. Performance:

The core of the framework offers a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which makes complex apps run extremely fast.

Virtual DOM, because the name suggests, is the virtual representation of the DOM that permits testing all changes to the virtual DOM to calculate risks with each modification, before final deployment. This approach helps maintain high app performance and guarantees a far better user experience.

A third-party plugin eradicates the necessity for specific Web View functions. The plugins are often linked with a native module through the React Native framework.

The processes are linked with varied app options for smoother running, faster loading, and better memory management.

3. Support for Custom Components:

React Native comes with JSX, an optional syntax extension, which makes it possible to write down your own components. These components accept HTML quoting and make all subcomponent rendering a pleasant experience for developers.

4. Strong Community:

React Native was created for internal use and later shared with the whole world. Developers can ask their questions on Stack Overflow, official React discussion forums, Reactiflux Chart, Freenode IRC, social media platforms, and lots of others.

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Understanding Django as a Backend Tool

Django may be a high-level framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Django helps with much of the effort of web development so you’ll specialize in writing your app without the necessity to reinvent the wheel. Moreover, it’s free and open source.

The major advantage of using Django for backend web development is its Representational State Transfer (REST) ​​framework, which may be a popular toolkit for building APIs.

When it involves backend web development, it’s easy to seek out an appropriate Django web development company that gives Django development services at affordable cost. The recognition of Python may be a major reason why web developers and business owners choose Django for web development.

It also features a highly scalable framework which developers can leverage for building small projects then later advance to developing complex applications capable of handling heavy user traffic and enormous volumes.

One of the key advantages of a REST API is the batch of flexibility. Thus, Django REST framework may be a powerful, scalable, and versatile toolkit for constructing web APIs.

Benefits of Django

  1. Authentication: Django takes care of user authentication, content administration, site maps, RSS feeds, and many more tasks — right out of the box.
    1. SessionAuthentication
    2. BasicAuthentication
    3. Token Authentication
    4. RemoteUserAuthentication
  1. Built-in Admin: The Django team was quite thoughtful once they created the framework, and that they kept user and client satisfaction in mind. Thus, Django offers an administrative interface right out of the box that’s both professional and versatile.
  1. Scalability: Most developers, when brooding about learning a framework, plan for the longer term . Picking a scalable framework is sort of essential for several , and Django is simply that. It allows you to require tons of various actions regarding scalability, like running separate servers for the database, the media, and therefore the application itself, or maybe using clustering or load-balancing to distribute the appliance across multiple servers.

How can React Native and Django be used together?

React Native is primarily a frontend framework, and Django helps run the backend server-side code. Both have advantages over other frontend and backend frameworks, respectively. Both are often used for any sort of development (Web, Android or iOS, and Hybrid).

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