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Dynamic End-user Boost is offered as a service to CSPs to empower their customers to dynamically ensure the best possible user experience, when needed.

How easy is it to implement Dynamic End-user Boost?
The solution is delivered as a service to CSPs paired with a downloadable white-label iOS and Android app for end-users. A web-based portal is also provided for administrative functionality.

Regular updates ensure that CSPs always can offer their customers the latest functionality. The solution uses a lightweight integration approach that leverages existing 4G/5G network infrastructure.

Dynamic End-user Boost service supports 4G LTE/EPC, 5G NSA/EPC and 5G SA architectures and is delivered aaS to the CSP.

What devices does Dynamic End-user Boost support?
Compatible with Android & iOS smart phones.

How do CSPs ensure Dynamic End-user Boost does not affect the connectivity of other non-users?
The Gatekeeper guardrail function of Dynamic End-user Boost allows CSPs to limit the number of simultaneous boosts within a cell.

This helps manage the allocation of cell bandwidth for boosted users and for non-boosted users and ensures that non-boosted users are still getting their performance requirements met.

Why is Dynamic End-user Boost necessary when 5G already promises higher bandwidth and lower latency?
Even with 5G, there will always be a potential for less than perfect network conditions, especially in high-traffic venues like stadiums, airports, and public transit.

Dynamic End-user Boost will give the user the option to boost their connection and improve their user experience when and where they need it.

How is pricing established for the end user?
Dynamic End-user Boost offers both a pay-as-you-go and subscription-based models. Communication service providers can establish pricing plans to match their specific needs

How can consumers and enterprise users control costs?
Customers use the app to easily start and stop boosts, set a specific duration, and schedule future boosts for important dates. CSPs can also implement limitations on usage with various operational parameters, such as Gatekeeper.

How does Dynamic End-user Boost impact existing CSP pricing agreements?
Dynamic End-user Boost is billed using a revenue sharing model outside of existing CSP pricing agreements.

Empower customers. Maximize revenues.
Opportunities exist to increase average revenue per user across all users (enterprise through consumer) by offering subscribers dynamic control of their QoE for video conferencing, document upload/download, streaming, cloud-based gaming, and more, in a completely network-safe manner under the control of the CSP.
Dynamic End-user Boost provides CSPs an avenue for new revenue opportunities (one time and recurring) and improved customer satisfaction by safely leveraging the 4G/5G networks’ QoS framework to deliver a better user experience when and where users temporarily feel they need or want it. This will increase customer satisfaction since they will feel more empowered and in control of their user experience. The CSP always retains overall ultimate control of the QoS framework made available to their users through Dynamic End-user Boost.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and NPS
Provide consumers and businesses with more control over their user experience and increase customer satisfaction (eg, NPS). All the while, unlocking new revenue on 4G/5G networks.

Delivered as a service for short TTM
Leverage existing 4G/5G investments and implement quickly and easily with our cloud-native as a service solution. A single, standards-based secure interface connects the Dynamic End-user Boost as a service solution to the CSP 4G/5G mobile network infrastructure.

Pre-packaged CSP branded app and portal
Customize the white-label app and administrative portal with brand logo, colors, and icons.

5G leadership
Adopting a proactive approach to 5G investment pays off. Recent data shows that CSPs who adopt a proactive approach can expect a 34% higher ARPU by 2030, compared to CSPs with a more passive approach. 1

1 Report Harnessing the 5G consumer potential

Ensure best possible experience even during challenging conditions
CSPs can now offer their business customers access to a dynamic priority lane for business-critical communication, when and where it’s needed. Users can also schedule QoE optimization ahead of time for important events and meetings to ensure the best QoE for participants.

Individual or grouped users (eg, C levels, executive levels, and management levels) can get more in control over their mobile’s QoE by optimizing their user experience, deciding when and for how long they need it, on a per-application or device- wide basis.

Dynamic End-user Boost provides a web-based portal as the single-pane-of-glass into user, device, and user group management. This provides a single touch point for managing all aspects of user-initiated service experience optimization.

Focus the boost
Use the boost to give users access to a priority lane across the network when and where it’s needed or wanted.

Ensure the best possible experience on demand even during challenging conditions
Dynamic End-user Boost provides users on demand access to a priority lane across the CSP network, providing the best experience possible when and where it’s needed.

Easy-to-use app
Activate the dynamic boost with an intuitive and user-friendly smart phone app available for both Android and iOS. Simply sign-up, download the app, sign-in and start boosting.

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