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st. Helens High School has been selected to receive a $247,960 CTE Revitalization Grant from the State of Oregon.

The grand will fund creation and development of a series of construction safety videos geared towards student safety and training on machine equipment.

The grand will fund creation and development of a series of construction safety videos geared towards student safety and training on machine equipment.

In a collaborative effort Helens High School, along with four other high schools across Northwest Oregon, seek to address the need for safety training for students. Currently, there is no consistent method for machine safety training for students, according to a release from the St. Helens School District.

The newly created videos will be widely accessible and commonly used as a professional safety training video series for use in the region and beyond. The videos will feature industry best practices, engaging instruction, and will be supplemented with website-based testing and tracking. Following completion of the common training program, students will demonstrate mastery of the safety skills in a hands-on component assessed by their classroom instructor, the release states.

It is expected that with the creation of this video series that:

  • Regional outcomes will be able to provide consistent and equitable safety training across Northwest Oregon (and beyond).
  • Increased student mastery of critical safety skills.
  • Reduced loss of class time due to retraining.
  • Alignment with industry standards.
  • Increased verifiable workforce preparedness.

st. Helens School District administrators congratulated St. Helens High School for its “innovation, forward-thinking, and for putting students and their safety at the forefront.”

According to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the CTE Revitalization Grant program is a purposive concept designed to support student engagement and success, completion leading to career and college preparation, and a potential boost to local/regional economic development.

One hundred forty-eight Oregon middle schools and high schools—serving more than 66,000 students—have secured the career readiness grants totaling $7.321 million, according to Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill and Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle.

The CTE Revitalization Grant funds from State of Oregon will serve diverse communities around the state, with programs focused on advanced manufacturing, engineering, agricultural science, app development, robotics, tourism, forestry, home renovation and health care, according to the ODE.

“It’s been just great to see schools and students embrace these opportunities to learn real-world, hands on skills they will carry into the future,” Hoyle said. “It’s important that all students, no matter where they live get to experience unique CTE opportunities. There is no one way students learn or one path to success.”

In total, the 54 grants help to create or expand Career and Technical Education programs focused on high-wage, high-skill and in-demand fields such as Health Care, Manufacturing and Construction. The relationships these programs establish in their local and regional areas will provide valuable access to experience, expertise and additional forms of support to help programs provide relevant education and preparation for career and postsecondary learning experiences.

“Now more than ever, helping students prepare for the shift to college, career, and beyond is critical,” Gill said. “It is exciting to see the expansion of critical programs that align to high-need and high-wage opportunities. We’ve seen the power of CTE to support learner success and economic vitality, and we’re ready for more.”

Students who pass CTE courses graduate at higher rates when compared to the general student population. According to 2020-2021 school year figures, CTE concentrators (cross all student populations) graduated at a 92.9% rate, 12.3 percentage points higher than the state as a whole.

In 2011, the Oregon Legislature established a competitive grant program entitled the CTE Revitalization Grant which strengthens the alignment of Career and Technical Education, workforce development and economic development. In July 2015, Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill (HB) 3072 and HB 5016, authorizing $9.0 million for the Oregon Department of Education to continue the CTE Revitalization Grant program. During the 2021 session, $7.3 million was allocated for CTE Revitalization.

The CTE Revitalization Advisory Committee—comprising representatives from organized labor, trade organizations, education and Oregon’s business, labor, industry and trades communities—reviewed 64 applications totaling $8.7 million in requests. The committee prioritized applications based on geographic diversity, community partnerships and programs that lead to high-wage, in-demand occupations, especially for historically and currently marginalized students.

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) jointly appoint the Career and Technical Education Revitalization Advisory Committee. Additional information on grant criteria and additional summaries of the projects selected for this round of funding can be found on the CTE Revitalization Grant web page.


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