Enhance your room’s vibe with $89 off this LED floor lamp

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Whether you recently moved into a new place or are looking for ways to refresh your current one, don’t sleep on the power of excellent lighting. Furniture and decor may get all the attention when it comes to outfitting a home, but a well-placed light fixture can change the vibe in seconds, and it wins extra points if it has color-changing bulbs.

Before you head to Ikea, you should consider a couple of things first. A bulky fixture might require a game of furniture Tetris — if it even matches with the rest of your decor. Alternatively, an understated option like this Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp by Lamp Depot can blend in seamlessly, and .

Sleek and modern, this lamp’s clever shape doesn’t dominate your floor space. Instead, it essentially becomes one with your walls, making it easy to incorporate in any room corner. And its incognito aesthetic is sharp yet demure, so you don’t need to update your existing furniture to match.

On the other hand, the LED effects are anything but discreet. You can amplify your space with over 16 million hues and more than 300 multi-color effects, all controllable and customizable through the included remote. Lamp Depot suggests the bulbs can operate for up to 50,000 hours, providing your home with unique combinations for years to come.

Inviting friends over for a dance party? Toggle vibrant colors and flashing effects to fit the energy. But if you’re hosting dinner, you may want to choose elegant, ambient patterns instead. The bulbs could also emit dim, warm shades like orange and yellow for unwinding after work. Finally, you can set the lamp to basic white if you need professional lighting while .

The Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp is nearly unnoticeable when you don’t need it but the life of the party when you do. You can , down from $149. Need to outfit your entire home? Two-packs, four-packs and six-packs are also on sale for , and respectively.

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