Essential NFT Events for your Calendar in 2022

The NFT market surpassed $40 billion in 2021, and is now growing faster than ever. Everywhere we look, the demand for non-fungible tokens is increasing, driven by trends like the impending arrival of Web 3.0, and the introduction of the metaverse.

NFTs have the potential to change the world as we know it, delivering new farms in a virtual world, and altering the way we manage our own digital identities.

For individuals, they represent a secure and compelling investment opportunity, with access to a host of benefits, particularly in an evolving digital environment. For companies, NFTs are a chance to explore new methods of monetization, security, and innovation.

If you’re keen to learn more about the NFT landscape and what it means to you, the following events could be a great place to brush up your knowledge.

Laval Virtual

April 12-14, 2022, Laval, France

An international exhibition focusing on technologies in the extended reality landscape, Laval Virtual could be an excellent place to brush up on your knowledge of NFTs and disruptive technology. This phenomenal event will cover a wide range of topics associated with the immersive landscape, including XR, the metaverse, and the rise of non-fungible tokens.

During Laval Virtual Europe, you’ll have an opportunity to network with a range of other market leading business buyers interested in the future of new extended reality technologies and technology. There will also be around 130 speakers to listen to while you’re there!

Metaverse Expo

June 15, 2022, COEX, Seoul, South Korea

NFTs are a major component of the impending metaverse landscape, where blockchain and digital assets will make a significant difference to how we identify ourselves. The Metaverse Expo, running in June 2022, is a chance to learn all about what the metaverse truly is, and how it’s going to change the way people interact with technology in the years to come.

At the Metaverse Expo, you’ll learn all about how NFT and blockchain technologies are creating new business opportunities. There’s also plenty of insight into how these new and disruptive technologies might connect with various other pieces of disruptive tech, like VR and AR tools. There are countless product presentations to explore, awards, and even expert consultations available.

The Global Metaverse Conference

April 27-29th2022 Santa Clara Convention Center

The Global Metaverse Conference is one of the biggest metaverse conferences around , where you can learn about everything from XR and AI in the metaverse, to NFT ecosystems. If you’re looking for an excellent opportunity to learn more about where the future of the internet and connected experiences is headed, this could be the ideal conference for you.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to peak behind the curtain of the NFT revolution at this event, with a host of keynote sessions and phenomenal speakers to learn from. The Global Metaverse Conference will even discuss things like the blockchain and smart contracts.

AI VR 2022

July 22-24th20222, Kumamoto, Japan

Though focused primarily on the virtual reality landscape, the AI ​​VR event is also an opportunity to explore how the connections we have with the internet and digital world are changing. This event, hosted in Japan in July this year, is a chance to learn more about the intelligent aspects of immersive technology, which are likely to make a significant difference to the future of NFTs.

Discussing how humans and machines will interact in the years to come is likely to inspire a number of conversations about the rise of the Metaverse, and the NFTs that come with it. This is a great opportunity to look at the possibilities of NFTs from a new perspective.

Siggraph 2022

August 8-11th2022, Vancouver, Canada

Ideal for people interested in the methodologies and tools required to create their own NFTs and digital assets, Siggraph looks at everything from production and animation to art and design. This premier conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies is sure to be an excellent source of inspiration for content creators interested in building NFTs for the metaverse of tomorrow.

With Siggraph, you’ll have an opportunity to learn all about the artistic technology and systems available to help empower developers and creators in delivering new experiences for our future interactions in a digital world.

Augmented Enterprise Summit

October 18, 2022, San Diego, CA

More than just a place to learn about the latest Augmented Reality smart glasses and applications, the AR Enterprise summit is one of the longest-running events focused on the XR space. This event looks at everything from the applications of XR in an industrial landscape, to the rise of emerging technologies like digital twins, and the metaverse.

This year’s gathering will include a number of focus tracks sure to be of interest to those interested in NFTs. Specifically, there’s an opportunity to explore the various potential landscapes of the metaverse, and how different industries may be able to take advantage of new technologies in this space. With presenters like Coca Cola and Walmart, you’re sure to learn plenty.

Immerse Global Summit

December 5-7th2022, Miami, Florida

Previously the VR/AR Global Summit, Immerse Global Summit is a fantastic event hosted at the end of the year, in December 2022. This event covers a host of different topics related to the immersive world and the disruptive technologies changing the way we live and work today.

There are educational tracks specifically focused on NFTs, as well as a range of complementary technologies you might want to learn about too. You can look into the architecture of the metaverse and Web 3.0, discuss the blockchain, and look at how NFTs can help businesses to evolve and thrive in a new economy. Plus, there are bound to be plenty of opportunities to network and learn from likeminded professionals in your space.

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