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Many job seekers include Microsoft Excel proficiency on their , whether they actually know how to use it or not. When you consider how valuable this program can be, it’s easy to see why. For example, you can use Excel to , and even .

Of course, we don’t recommend lying on your resume, but if you want to back up your claims by adding data visualization and analytics to your skillset, you may find the 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle helpful. This nine-course pack can familiarize you with the tools mentioned earlier, and when you use code LEARNNOW during our Best of Digital Sale.

This training includes 721 lessons and over 60 hours of content on how to process information into comprehensible reports. One course, for instance, contains lectures on how to use Excel to create filled maps, track trends with sparklines and add interactive form controls to filter through data better. Another class includes 10 hands-on projects covering automated dashboards, scrolling charts, dynamic formats and more.

Additionally, there are two Power BI courses on building interactive dashboards out of raw, unstructured data, which you can import from Excel and many other sources. And once you create these reports, you can upload them to Power BI Cloud to share with other stakeholders such as teammates, clients and potential employers.

The goal of this bundle is to help you become a well-rounded data analyst, so you’ll find content covering topics beyond Excel and Power BI. You can dive into courses on statistics and mathematics, creating reports with Alteryx, visualization with the R programming language and even full stack web development.

Upon purchase, you’ll have lifetime access to this training, so you can study at your own pace. Each class is led by one of four talented experts on Excel, data science, entrepreneurship and development: , , and . These instructors aim to share their knowledge in ways that are clear and accessible, and students rated their courses 4.5 to 4.6 out of five on average.

Course list:

  • Microsoft Power BI: The Complete Master Class

  • Statistics and Mathematics for Data Science and Data Analytics

  • Alteryx: The Complete Master Class

  • Excel Pro Tips: Data Visualization

  • Up and Running With Power BI Desktop

  • Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization With Charts and Graphs

  • Data Visualization With R

  • Mathematics for Data Science

  • Fullstack Web Development Master Class 2022

Data visualization can help you turn unorganized information into valuable insights. The 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle can teach you the tools professionals use to structure this data, and you can by using code LEARNNOW at checkout.

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