Google Spaces will be replacing the last existing remnants of Google+

Google+ to Currents to Spaces

Google+ is one of those services that saw the infamous Google graveyard three years ago. But unknown to many, only the social network aspect for general consumers was closed. Google kept an enterprise version for businesses to communicate with employees in a stream-like manner, calling it Currents. Now though, Google is shutting down Currents due to low usage and replacing it with Spaces (does anyone still have any idea which service is which at this point?).

Spaces is not exactly new. The Gmail Chat-integrated platform used to be called Rooms before Google renamed and evolved the experience to provide a dedicated place for organizing people, projects, and topics in Google Workspace. So, why’s it replacing Currents? For starters, both apps are pretty similar. However, while Currents is mostly a standalone solution, Spaces is tightly integrated with Workspace products like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet, making it a better solution for business collaboration. Think of it like Slack, but in your Gmail.


Google says it plans to wind down Currents starting next year, but not before migrating remaining content and communities to the Spaces experience. However, since Spaces is not as robust feature-wise, Google says it’ll be adding new capabilities for better communication and collaboration, such as support for larger communities, advanced search, and content moderation tools. The platform will also get improved search and discoverability, platform capabilities for app development, and security features like data protection, data loss prevention (DLP), and Vault support. Not all features from Currents will make their way to Spaces, though. Google will be removing less commonly used aspects like Post analytics, the popular tags page, profile influence, and many more.

Hybrid work has changed how we collaborate, and it’s here to stay. With Google Workspace customers buying the idea of ​​built-in features like Chat and Spaces it makes sense for the tech giant to wind down a separate user destination like Google Currents. Organizations using the service will get a timeline to opt into data migration in the coming months, with transition assistance from Google.

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