Gorakhpur temple attack accused Murtaza used Arabic code words

Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi, accused of attacking security personnel outside Gorakhpur’s Gorakhnath temple, used a code language consisting of Arabic words. Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi was in touch with a young woman from the ISIS camp. He came in contact with the young woman through e-mail. During interrogation, it has also been revealed that Murtaza had sent money several times to the account mentioned by the young woman.

According to a report by Amar Ujala, Murtaza, who was preparing to join ISIS, said during an Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) investigation that he was e-mailed by a young woman from the ISIS camp. The young woman sent her photo to him and promised to meet him when she came to India. Murtaza had sent 40 thousand rupees on her demand. During interrogation, Murtaza revealed that in the year 2017, he started learning computer programming on the internet. Here, he began to have thoughts that he was in Paradise, but Allah was unhappy with him.

From January 2020, Murtaza started learning high-tech computer coding. During this time, he once again came in contact with Syrian terrorist organizations. Impressed by them, he sent eight lakh rupees from Nepali accounts.

Murtaza felt that the whole world was harassing Muslims. Radical ideology and Jihadi mentality took over his mind. In the meantime, he went to the suspected madrasas on the Nepal border and heard the speeches.

Murtaza has sent money to several accounts. After this information came to light, the ATS is now also collecting details of his assets. It will be seen how much his earnings were and how much money he has sent to other people. It will also be seen where the money in his account came from. And if the money came, where was it used?

Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi Used to speak in the code of the Arabic language. The ATS has found jihadi literature from Murtaza’s house. There’s also an Arabic book. Initial investigations believed that Murtaza read it because of his allegiance to the religion. Along with Murtaza, the ATS also took the book to the Lucknow headquarters. On close examination, several words have been found underlined in the book.

Code words used by Murtaza

While talking on the phone in the country or outside the country, he used the Arabic word Rihlat Tayaran for flight. This Arabic word means flight. Murtaza had highlighted the word with a marker in the book. The Arabic word Aljihad was used to brainwash Murtaza. Murtaza was given information about Paradise which is Jannat to make him fidayeen which literally means a person sacrificing himself. In the conversations that led Murtaza on the path of jihad, his name was not used. He was called Abdulla in such conversations. Whenever an outsider came to meet Murtaza, he was first informed about it. The code word for outsiders was Mehman. Whenever there was any funding-related conversation with Murtaza, the word Bakhshish was used for that. In the conversations with Murtaza, the police or security agencies were called khatmal which means mosquito.

Murtaza thought he was homosexual. When the family came to know about these things, they started treating him. Doctors described it as a hypomania disease. On 6th April 2022, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav also mentioned that the accused has bipolar disorder. However, the doctor who treated Abbasi refuted the claims that he was mentally unstable.

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