How to Play Oculus-Exclusive VR Games on Any SteamVR Headset With Revive

Do you use a SteamVR headset, and really wish you could try those Oculus-exclusive games? Maybe you already own an Oculus headset and would prefer to play all your games through SteamVR, for the extra accessibility options.

Either way, Revive is here to save the day. Here’s how to set it up.

What Is Revive?

Revive, also known as the Revive Compatibility Layer, is a SteamVR add-on that allows you to run Oculus-exclusive games on any headset. In the above video, the Oculus exclusive, Landfall, is being played on an Open Source Virtual Reality headset.

By installing Revive, you’ll gain a new tab within SteamVR that will allow you to launch games you purchase from the Oculus Store.

To download Revive, head over to the Revive GitHub page. Check out its compatible games list available on the same page before making any purchases, as Revive doesn’t support every game.

How to Install & Setup Revive

Before you jump into it, you’ll need to make sure you have two things already configured.

The first is SteamVR, which you most likely already have going if you’re not using Oculus. If you don’t already have SteamVR configured, you can check out our guide on how to set up SteamVR to get started.

The second requirement is to have the Oculus software package installed and ready to go. This is where you can actually browse and purchase games from the Oculus Store.


You can grab the software package from the Oculus Setup page. Installation should be straightforward however, there are some files to download in the process.

If you already have these two things, you’re good to install Revive. You can hold off purchasing any Oculus games for now, as the Oculus software comes with its own demo programs we can try out.

a screenshot of the revive installer

Run ReviveInstaller.exe and let the installer go through the motions. When the installation is finished, Revive will open to the Revive Dashboard. This page should be automatically filled with any Oculus game installed on your system.

Using Revive

a screenshot of the revive dashboard

On a fresh installation, Revive will only pick up three games: Oculus Home, Oculus Dream Deck, and Oculus Touch Basics. These three demo programs will be great candidates for your testing.

If all is working as intended, you can now plug in your headset, launch SteamVR, and launch one of these games by double-clicking on it from the Oculus Dashboard.

You can also browse this dashboard from within your headset, as a new tab has been added to SteamVR.

screenshot of the revive dashboard in vr

It’s really that simple, although if your game isn’t automatically detected in the dashboard, there is an additional step.

Down at the bottom-right of your screen, there’ll be a new Revive taskbar icon. Right-click on this icon to bring up a new context menu.

screenshot of the revive taskbar icon

Hit Inject to bring up a file browser. Navigate to any game .exe to add it directly to Revive. This allows you to manually add any Oculus-exclusive game directly to the dashboard.

Another handy feature in the context menu is Link Oculus Account. This is crucial if you intend to play any multiplayer games using Revive. Logging in with this method is secure and is performed through Windows Security, so no personal information will be sent to the developers of Revive.

Full Game Compatibility for Any Headset

It’s always a shame to miss out on games due to your choice of hardware, so Revive should be a welcome addition for any SteamVR user.

Missing out on play sessions with your Oculus buddies will be a thing of the past. Just make sure to keep Revive updated, and always check the compatibility list before making any major purchase!

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