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Using VR casinos in 2022

The online gambling industry is always on the verge of innovation. It follows tech trends perfectly and implements the latest advancements in its games. Take VR casino games, for example. They aren’t a feature in a sci-fi flick anymore. You can now gamble via your VR devices and play the best VR poker game or roulette.

Why does it matter? Casino fans have dreamed of it for years. It’s the ultimate replica of a Vegas experience, but you won’t need to step outside your door this time. With the Metaverse also taking shape, interest in virtual casino sites and games is high. There’s just one question to answer – are there VR casinos on the market? The answer is a yes, and while there are just a few now, things will get better in the future.

What’s A Virtual Casino?

A VR casino is a casino that allows players to play in a virtual environment. Think of movies such as Ready Player One or Tron, for example. Those characters lived in virtual environments, and a VR casino brings that to the table. Sans the enemies, of course.

With the help of VR devices such as Oculus, you’ll be able to play any virtual casino game. The technology is still in its infancy and will likely get better in the future. For now, there are just a few VR real money online casinos that have developed the concept entirely.

Here’s what does virtual reality gambling bring to the table:
  • Realistic VR slot game

  • Immersive atmosphere with true casino sights and sounds

  • Detailed rooms where players can enjoy a VIP experience

  • 3D game tables where you can interact with other players (avatars)

  • In-game chats on and off the table

As expected, a player plays a virtual casino game with a device such as Oculus. Casinos have software and hardware that reads the hand and body gestures and transfers them to the engine in real-time. The result is a real-time casino experience in a virtual space that looks like something out of science fiction movies. The number of virtual casino sites and games will grow over the years. For now, players can enjoy Oculus’ VR casino, which offers a Vegas-style journey with the best VR casino games. Those include slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. In addition to this, players get free chips every day to take their experience further.

The Growth of Virtual Casinos

The iGaming industry never sleeps. It always looks for new ways to grow, and virtual reality was a major developmental milestone. As soon as the first VR devices dropped by, developers started working on virtual casino sites. There might not be many of these sites nowadays, but the future is bright. With the arrival of the Metaverse in the following years, you’ll hear more and more about virtual reality gambling.

Most Popular VR Casino Games

Casino VR Poker

If you’re looking for the best VR poker game, it is. A social game with great graphics and true poker gameplay, it offers to play for fun in an immersive virtual setting.

Bullet VR Roulette

Fans of roulette will love this variant. Available via Oculus, HTC Vive, and Valve Index, you use a VR controller to play the game and hopefully reap big rewards.

Apollo Slots VR

An offline game you can download on your phone, you can play these VR slots anywhere without an Internet connection. The most important aspect is that you can play it with friends for a social and fun experience.

Pros and Cons of VR Online Casinos


  • An exclusive way to play casino games

  • Strengthen the social aspect of gambling

  • Allows players to try something entirely new and exciting

  • In-game chats with other avatars (players)

  • A growing set of virtual reality gaming games



Virtual reality gambling is not a concept anymore – it’s already here. Can you gamble on Oculus? You certainly can as long as you have the device. Virtual casino sites are still developing, but the future is bright and virtual. As new devices arrive and the technology grows, we’ll see better and better virtual casino game sites.

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