IT Infrastructure Services by BKY Technologies Enable Businesses to Focus on Core Competencies, Save Money, and Grow

Becker Keating & Young Technologies Corp. (BKY) is an IT Service Provider helping businesses through their expertise in web-based delivery of information management systems and infrastructure needs. The company was incorporated in 1999. It is among the preferred Canadian providers of IT services and infrastructure needs.

According to announcements released by BKY Technologies, IT infrastructure services by this business cover IT infrastructure, security, database management, software development, app development, API development, and cloud services that are crucial for the smooth and secure running of your business.

BKY Technologies develops full functionality as well as bespoke software and applications to meet your business objectives. They strive to achieve this within your budget by offering a one stop IT shop. They can integrate your existing software and hardware within their existing platforms and technologies.

BKY Technologies follow a user-centric approach to UI/UX development and eschews the avoidable bells and whistles that may bloat additional costs for your business, slow down your applications, and offer little value to your bottom line. The highly trained software developers from this business will build a hardware-agnostic application that meets your business needs.

Businesses that move from hosting hardware on their premises to a cloud provider benefit through heightened security, improved data management, better efficiency, and cost savings.

BKY Technologies partners with businesses to consolidate IT infrastructure needs into one place to reduce expenses, protect data, and obtain a higher system uptime. The benefits accrued by businesses are passed down to their clients and customers in quality service.

BKY sources, integrates, and manages new and existing IT assets, including hardware, networking equipment, and software platforms.

They offer clients a single window for resolving all their IT-related issues and presents them with one consolidated invoice. Clients can focus on success and growth by partnering with BKY’s Expertly Managed IT Services.

As one of the leading IT infrastructure companies and a one-stop-shop for all the outsourced IT service and IT management needs of a business, BKY Technologies has demonstrable capabilities. Their full-stack software developers are particularly experienced in serving the healthcare sector, enterprise-level organizations and more.

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Troy Young of BKY Technologies said, “Becker Keating & Young Technologies Corp. (BKY) is a Canada-based database application developer focused on web-based delivery of information management systems. Incorporated in 1999, BKY has delivered highly specialized data solutions for over ten years. Our areas of expertise predominantly involve Microsoft-based technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft .NET framework.

Industries of focus are predominantly related to healthcare and oil & gas. The solutions we provide are based on trusted best practices, such as strict data normalization for operational solutions and data warehousing techniques for analytical solutions. Our data collection products share similar aspects with our data warehousing solutions in that we are often tasked with integrating both solutions with external data.

These external data sources range from separate applications within the organization to information maintained in third-party databases requiring real-time integration across development platforms (XML web services between Microsoft & non-Microsoft environments). Many of the products we develop complement existing Health Informatics and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environments.

By modernizing and optimizing your IT Infrastructure, you can help increase your business revenue. This can be achieved through eliminating silos by connecting all of your technology in one secure place, which will, in turn, allow you to work more efficiently.”

About the Company:

BKY Technologies is a one-stop-shop for all the managed IT service needs of a business. They develop custom software and database applications their clients. A team of full-stack software developers is on hand to serve clients across industries. BKY Technologies has an impressive roster of big-name clients it has worked with and looks forward to helping your business succeed and grow.

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