‘King Henry’ faces hurling royalty with Tribe set to learn some lessons

What better way for ‘The King’ to test his wits as an inter-county manager than against the current ruler and that’s exactly what will happen when Henry Shefflin brings his Galway squad to Limerick tonight to face a wounded Treaty.

Nobody saw that Limerick reversal in Wexford Park last Sunday coming as Darragh Egan produced an early masterstroke to leave the Yellowbellies full of confidence for the season ahead, but it will have privately left Kiely and Co seething. While it was all smiles and handsakes from John Kiely and Paul Kinnerk at the final whistle, I’m sure plenty of big names got a dressing down in training on Tuesday night. Losing back-to-back fixtures won’t be an option, even if it is only February.

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