Leading the revolution of mixed reality training, a major update, version 22.1 for frontline.io is out!

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Version 22.1 is a big stride forward in mixed reality and technical support, with various new features and changes in user experience and platform capabilities.

Frontline.io is pleased to announce the launch of version 22.1, the latest and greatest version which improves the user experience for its clients and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.”

— Itzhak Pichadze, CEO of frontline.io

REHOVOT, TEL AVIV , ISRAEL, April 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Frontline.io is at the forefront of virtual training as the leading XR for enterprises. It is a mixed-reality SaaS platform that simplifies advanced technologies like digital twinning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, as well as, technical training and remote support. frontline.io easily transforms 3D CAD files into accurate and practical digital twin models.
VR/AR-based workforce development is expected to expand by 24% in the next three years. To satisfy these expanding demands, LLS Ltd.’s frontline.io developed a software platform that drastically improves technical training and remote support. The company’s products are created specifically for virtual engagement with complex mechanical devices, allowing you to digitally recreate practical demonstrations that are difficult or impossible to accomplish in their physical counterparts. Each new feature offers greater real-time information flow and field data analysis, allowing professionals to progress more quickly.
Their latest update, SW, version 22.1, focuses heavily on improving the user experience by introducing first-in-line localization functionality for AR/VR software. Version 22.1 focuses on user potential with a code-free animation builder and the ability to connect with Docebo LMS. They are pushing the envelope even further with Mixed Reality using object detection and enhancing the 3D studio.
As a first in VR/AR software, frontline.io has introduced new language localization capabilities to let you build multi-language Work-Flows. Diverse cultural teams can work together seamlessly by choosing the appropriate languages ​​for each individual inside the Work-Flow. In this update, ten languages ​​are available with localization, including British and American English, two types of Spanish and Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.
The next generation of AR/VR is here with the Animation Builder feature. This feature prioritizes user potential by allowing users to create animations with the help of Digital Twin and then integrate them with Interactive Flow. It takes less than 30 minutes to learn and familiarize yourself with the software and requires no coding whatsoever. Never worry about recreating the same animations as they are saved in the repository once created and are always available in other projects to reuse with the interactive flow.
To enhance the learning experience one step further, frontline.io has now fully integrated with Docebo LMS. The learning management system further assists the training processes by introducing advanced functionalities like coaching, automation, audits, creating certifications, enrollment rules, and external training. frontline.io aims to add more existing knowledge management tools such as LMS and CRM to improve the learning environment.
Another massive feature introduced in this update is the ability to overlay virtual objects on their physical counterpart using Mixed Reality. The 3D digital twin version overlaps with the physical element by locking onto it once the shape outline is detected and allows you to use the interactive flows or remote support on various devices like mobile, tablet, or XR headsets.

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