Learn how to invest wisely with this $89 stock screening app

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Many services make stock trading accessible to the general public. But if you aren’t sure how the market works, even a tiny mistake may be costly. Thankfully, you don’t need to pay a financial planner to guide you, nor should you have a particular degree to master the art of online investing.

Instead, a tool like Tykr can show you how to invest your hard-earned dollars wisely. Rated 4.9 out of five on Trustpilot, this stock screening and educational platform demonstrates how to navigate the market successfully by covering finance fundamentals and offering real-time recommendations on the companies worth investing in. During our Spring Refresh sale, you can by using code SPRING10 at checkout.

Tykr provides a digestible summary of a stock, noting whether it’s “On Sale” (possibly worth buying) or “Overpriced” (when you should consider selling). Then, Tykr shares an investment score, letting you know if a share is safe or too risky to purchase. Using this service, you could quickly get the hang of the margin of safety (MOS) — the difference between share and sticker prices — representing your potential returns.

There are a few reasons why users trust Tykr. First, it eliminates the barrier of entry for those interested in trading. The software also provides a valuable educational material that may help you confidently enter and thrive in the market. Finally, you’ll see open-source calculations for over 30,000 American and international stocks so that you might catch the wind of the as they gain value.

Investing in the market could help you achieve financial freedom, and Tykr offers tools that can teach beginners the ropes and resources for experienced traders to stay up to date on their favorite stocks. Lifetime subscriptions retail for $900, but you can .

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