Lessons from the RB dead-zone in 2022

Fantasy experts Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don give advice on how to navigate the expanse of talent occupying the RB dead-zone.

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Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: And one more subject we can talk about and think about when Josh Allen might go in a draft, or Patrick Mahomes, or stuff like that, or when they went last year. In that same round, people might have been taking some of these, quote, unquote, “dead zone running backs.” They might have taken Myles Gaskin in Miami. They might have taken Mike Davis in Atlanta.

I’ll admit, I had some Mike Davis shares. They were fifth round sixth round. They weren’t things that killed my teams.

But I thought there’s nothing else here. I hate their running back room. They’re going to have to give the ball to Mike Davis.

What I didn’t see coming, and nobody could have seen coming is that Cordarrelle Patterson would basically become the team’s defacto running back at age 30. By the way, I will not draft him next year. It’s a great story. I just can’t see that repeating. It just seems like crazy to chase after that.

I’d love to be Ron because he’s a fun player. But any thought on the dead zone? Did we learn anything from Gaskin and Davis? What’s your takeaway on that?

DALTON DEL DON: I’m with you on Patterson. What a story. Great year last year, but probably someone to avoid moving forward. Yeah, it did seem to be that the dead zone running back proved to be mostly true. It was best to avoid it.

Maybe there were some outliers like DeAndre Swift, who really wasn’t [INAUDIBLE]. I mean, he was getting the target, so he maybe shouldn’t have been treated there. Devin Singletary, I’ll end with, is a guy who’s going in the dead zone if mid rounds and early drafts or [? ADPs, ?] at least I’ve seen.

And he quietly was Buffalo’s 100% feature back the final six weeks. Maybe that’s nothing, but maybe it’s something. Devin Singletary, to me, of all the players that I’ve looked at ADP, is like, Oh, that’s interesting to me. He’s going there. I mean, he really was this team’s feature back.

I know Josh Allen will take some goal line scores, and it’s not an ideal situation. But Buffalo is going to score some points. And if he’s emerged as the number one back there, he should be a third round pick, not an eighth round pick.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, I think he will be a third or fourth round pick next year, and they’ve figured out that maybe Zack Moss just can’t play.

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