Lessons learned during Sunday LACA oil painting class | News

Local artist Justin David Gustafson moved from painter to painter, giving advice and asking questions during an oil painting class held at Ludington Center for the Arts on Sunday.

Participants learn oil painting techniques from Gustafson, who said his class is an active learning study class.

“This would be just like taking a college course at an art school,” he said.

The four students in Sunday’s class were all working on building up their painting while Gustafson walked around and made suggestions to help them achieve their intentions based on what the artist told him about the painting or based on the reference of what they are painting.

“I am basically a guide or helping hand to make recommendations,” he said. “None of the suggestions are concrete. These are suggestion based on what I would do.”

Gustafson is a professional painter living in the area and has been teaching the class every Sunday at LACA, except a spell during the pandemic when all classes were closed because of COVID-19.

Gloria DeGregorio of Pentwater, was working on a close-up piece on Sunday.

DeGregoria, who has a degree in painting, returned to the art following a 35-year absence. He said Gustafson is very laid back instructor.

“I look forward to coming to the class every Sunday,” she said.

She said the class has become very close. There are usually about four people at every class.

Gustafson said the class size is small but ranges from four to eight.

“I want at least four but won’t go any higher than eight students,” he said. “It just gets too crowded with more than eight students, and I do not feel with more than eight students. I would be able to give them the same amount of attention.”

Linda Sandow was working on an abstract piece on Sunday. She has been taking Gustafson class for about a year or two she said.

“Gustafson is very easy going,” she said. “He will walk around and say things like, ‘Have you thought about…??’ This is not a formulaic class.”

She said he provides everything for the class: the paints, brushes and canvas.

Gustafson said the students have been great and consistent.

“I am impressed. I was concerned at first I would be judges on my students’ work,” he said. “They are all better than they think they are.”

For anyone interested in the oil painting class it meet on Sunday from 1 to 3:30 pm at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts located at 107 S. Harrison St. in Ludington.

The cost is $35 per session for LACA members and $45 per session for non-members. All of the materials are provided.


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