Mark Zuckerberg claims humans will live in metaverse one day and leave reality behind

YOU may think you spend too much time on Facebook but its founder thinks we’ll all live in a virtual reality one day.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms, has big plans for the metaverse and wants it to be so good you won’t want to leave.


Zuckerberg thinks humans will spend most of their waking hours in the metaverseCredit: Reuters

Zuckerberg recently told tech podcaster Lex Fridman: “A lot of people think that the metaverse is about a place, but one definition of this is it’s about a time when basically immersive digital worlds become the primary way that we live our lives and spend our time .”

He added: “I think that’s a reasonable construct.”

In Zuckerberg’s metaverse, humans are represented by legless avatars.

The billionaire recently demonstrated how individuals could create their own worlds from a completely blank canvas.

He used a Facebook Live video to show how his legless avatar could enter the metaverse and start creating a whole new scenario from nothing.

To do this, he spoke to an early concept version of a new AI assistant called Builder Bot.

He said: “Let’s go to the beach. Pretty good. Let’s add some clouds.”

All the things he said started appearing in the metaverse.

The visuals weren’t very high tech and it looked like a scene straight out of the Sims but that’s something Meta will be working on.

Zuckerberg also asked for a table, waves, seagulls, and music so he could have his own tropical island picnic.

He said: “You’ll be able to create nuanced worlds with just your voice.”

The billionaire also stressed how much he wants people to feel secure in the metaverse and that his company would be keeping “human rights” in mind.

If you think this sounds like a good time, you could be in the metaverse sooner than you think.

The director of the Future Today Institute consulting firm, Melanie Subin, previously told The New York Post that “a large proportion of people” will be spending most of their waking hours in the metaverse by 2030.

Zuckerberg recently demonstrated how you could create your own world in the metaverse


Zuckerberg recently demonstrated how you could create your own world in the metaverseCredit: Facebook
Meta's Builder Bot was recently demonstrated in an online presentation


Meta’s Builder Bot was recently demonstrated in an online presentationCredit: Facebook

In other news, Zuckerberg explained his thoughts on life and death in a recent podcast.

The Meta CEO has plans to create his own virtual worlds and recently revealed big plans for his metaverse.

And, people are unable to tell apart fake faces made by AI and real ones, new research suggests.

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