Mayo Clinic to launch staffing tool app to find ‘right nurse for the right role’

Mayo Clinic is working with a technology startup to develop a staffing software that’s designed to help prevent nurse burnout by tailoring specific RNs to specific clinical jobs.

The health system is working with KLOC HEALTH, whose technology platform and app are built with “the mental and physical wellbeing of nurses” top-of-mind, according to the company.

Mayo Clinic has entered a know-how agreement with the startup to co-create an on-demand tool that can help match nurses for immediate, short- and long-term assignments based on variable data such as availability, location, certifications, skill sets and interests.

The goal is to enable real-time communication with nursing staff to help find “the right individual, for the right position, at the right location and at the right time,” according to KLOC HEALTH.

Mayo Clinic nurses will be empowered to build their own profiles on the tool and offer real-time feedback on their performance, job satisfaction and peer reviews.

The goal is to eventually be able to analyze that data to forecast potentially challenging staffing scenarios and help Mayo Clinic more accurately deploy its critical nursing workforce.

The platform is already well into its development, according to KLOC HEALTH, and will be launched as a pilot at Mayo Clinic soon and go live by this summer.

Innovations such as these are coming just in time, as beleaguered nurses are worn down and struggling after more than two years of pandemic stress. One recent survey found that as many as 90% of nurses are considering leaving the healthcare profession due to job dissatisfaction and burnout.

In another report, just this week, from the KLAS Arch Collaborative, responses showed that among all clinicians, nurses are the most likely hospital staffers to leave their jobs — but that RNs who are satisfied with their organizations’ technology, such as electronic health records , are more likely to stay on.

“Nurses on the front lines of ensuring the highest quality care for patients – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said KLOC HEALTH co-founder Naveed Usman in a statement.

“That’s why hiring the right nurse for the right role is so critical. Our solution looks at the whole person, not just their work attributes, while understanding patient demands and hospital needs to make the perfect match, much more quickly and efficiently.”

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