Meta Will Launch Project Cambria VR Headset: When is the Release Date?

Facebook’s owner, Meta, is set to launch a new high-end virtual reality headset for this year, which is named Project Cambria, according to Meta’s VR headset roadmap reported by The Information.

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BARCELONA, SPAIN – FERUARY 28: A visitor enjoys a Virtual Reality experience at the SK telecom booth on day 1 of the GSMA Mobile World Congress on February 28, 2022 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

According to the internal report, Cambria is called a “laptop for the face” or “Chromebook for the face.” It is said to have specs that are almost identical to Chromebook, and it will also have Meta’s very own VR operating system, which is based on Android.

Cambria is expected to wield compatibility with web-based tools and services, including some Quest apps as well. But even if Meta is plotting Meta as the “future for work device,” it may not have the feature apps that commonly run on native desktops.

The project is also said to have a high-resolution image quality that could allow wearers to read texts clearly, and be able to send codes or emails while wearing the VR headset. In short, the device is more likely to be compatible with professional uses.

Cambria will still provide users with a view of their surroundings through outward-facing camera. This feature is called full-color passthrough, which enables the viewer to have a mixed-reality experience.

It is worth noting that when Meta announced the project in October last year, they said that the headset will have facial expression and eye-tracking recognition features. Cambria will also employ the use of avatars just like Horizon Worlds and Workrooms to reflect the expressions of the headset’s user.

Furthermore, the headset is expected to weigh heavier than Quest 2 because of its larger battery. But the report said that this was positioned at the rear to achieve better balance.

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When is the Release Date of Project Cambria?

The Information’s report revealed that Cambria is likely to be up for grabs in stores around September. The initial release date was supposed to happen last year, however, it was postponed because of supply chain issues and other disruptions that were caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Project Cambria could cost around $799, which is more expensive than the $299 / $399 price for Quest VR headsets. A spokesperson from Meta told The Information that the price for Cambria is indeed “significantly higher” due to its high-end features, such as its high-resolution image quality.

The VR Roadmap also detailed three more headsets that could be released within the next few years, as soon as it materializes its goals to advance Metaverse. The Information believes that the company could launch the Quest headsets in 2023 and 2024, while Funston could be launched by 2024 as well.

Meanwhile, the Nazare AR glasses are also set for launch next year, which was announced in the Facebook Connect 2021 Main Keynote. The cheaper Hypernova smart classes and a differential electromyography wrist that enables users to control them through their thoughts are also expected to be released in 2024.

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