More Than the Metaverse: Harbor Research Report Finds the Enterprise XR Market Will Grow to 140 million Devices by 2025

The Extended Reality Enterprise Device Market is Growing Rapidly – Image by Harbor Research

Extended Reality Market Growth by 2025 (in Billions) - Image by Harbor Research

Extended Reality Market Growth by 2025 (in Billions) – Image by Harbor Research

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Harbor Research released a new, comprehensive market report touching on the markets, technologies and use cases driving enterprise virtual and augmented reality

XR headsets are helping to push the next computing reality. This is an evolution on the magnitude of the transition from desktops to the mass adoption of mobile phones.”

— Glen Allmendinger, Harbor Research founder and president

DENVER, CO, USA, April 4, 2022 / — Harbor Research announced the release of a new market report on the technologies and market opportunities for virtual reality and augmented reality enterprise use cases.

The report found that enterprise adoption is growing, with 2019 marking the first year that enterprise spending on XR eclipsed consumer spending. The report forecasts nearly 140 million extended reality devices (virtual reality and augmented reality) expected to ship for enterprise use cases in 2025.

“XR headsets are helping to push the next computing reality. Often referred to as spatial computing, this is an evolution on the scale of the transition from desktops to the mass adoption of mobile phones,” says Harbor Research founder and president Glen Allmendinger. “These visual interfaces won’t require typing on—or even touching—a keyboard. Instead, their interface will involve hand and head gestures, haptic (skin level) feedback, and voice-recognition. These combinatorial technologies are driving massive enterprise growth opportunities.”

The report includes market research, key use cases, market and player maps, technology overviews, business models, player profiles and more. Key findings from the report include:

1) Extended Reality (XR) applications for Enterprise are rapidly maturing but are still in an early stage

2) Enterprise use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies is expected to explode over the next 5 years

3) Iterative improvements across the XR ecosystem are making Enterprise XR solutions cheaper and more effective

4) Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing will experience the highest AR/VR adoption rate over the next 5 years

5) For players looking to enter the Enterprise XR market, now is the time to start developing your solution

While early adopters and innovators have focused largely on consumer applications, such as virtual reality games, enterprise applications are rapidly maturing and there have been augmented and virtual reality pilots with notable success. Although today’s high adoption costs, uncertain value and user experience issues are hindering adoption, Harbor Research finds that improvements in technologies and across the extended reality ecosystem are enabling enterprise XR solutions to be cheaper and more effective. Harbor Research’s report shows that healthcare, retail and manufacturing will experience the highest rates of adoption over the next five years.

The report cites a number of technical issues that remain to be resolved. XR visualizations are computationally intensive and require high-end hardware to produce lifelike real-time visualizations. Improvements in size, weight, battery life, and cellular technology must all be addressed for HMDs to become a widely adopted mobile computing platform. But the report further notes that hardware is quickly catching up to software requirements and major investments into the space are being made.

The report gives key guidance on which use cases to pursue and how to incorporate XR into your enterprise growth strategy. Learn more, access free resources and purchase the full report at

Harbor Research has over 35 years of experience working with enterprise clients on growth strategy and new business creation around smart systems and the Internet of Things. Harbor has recently expanded its service offerings from custom research and strategy to packaged market reports. At the core of Harbor’s approach is a deep understanding of the core technologies, markets and business characteristics, as well as the management and organizational challenges companies face adopting and developing digital and smart systems technologies.

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