Morrowind Add-on Allows Fans to Play Multiplayer In VR

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and now a recently released mod allows players to go VR in multiplayer.

With the exception of The Elder Scrolls Online And a couple of more obscure releases over the years, Bethesda’s series has generally favored a more single-player approach. With Skyrim Being one of the most popular offline RPGs currently, most fans seem content with the single-player experience. However, not only is there a way to play something like The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind in a multiplayer environment, but it’s now possible to do so in virtual reality.


In a recent announcement on Steam, user David C announced a new update for the Morrowind multiplayer mod, which allows players to enjoy an online version of the game through a VR headset. Version 0.8.1 of TES3MP merges with the open-source build of the game’s engine, OpenMW, meaning that now anyone with access to VR can jump into a multiplayer game this way. The modder has also made it so that non-VR users can still play the new update. The only caveat really is that it won’t allow players to see the hand movements of someone, which means no one will be able to see each other waving.

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The patch is available from GitHub, and there are a few instructions that need to be followed for it to work. Obviously, anyone interested will need to make sure they have an official copy of the base game, as well as OpenMW. According to the guide, it should work with expansions, but only requires the main game plus Tribunal and Bloodmoon to run. Although there’s been a VR mod for Morrowind for a while now, David’s patch marries the technology with being able to play this classic Elder Scrolls game online with others.

With Morrowind Celebrating 20 years this week, the timing for this mod is impeccable. The game is still beloved by many to this day, representing a huge leap in visuals between this and the previous two games. It was also the first entry in the series to have a console version, having been ported to the original Xbox in June 2002.

Of course, there are also virtual reality mods for Skyrim that inject that little extra bit of immersion into the experience. However, for some, Morrowind will always be one of the best in the whole Elder Scrolls series. To be able to walk around the island of Vvardenfell in VR and interact with other real life players as well, is something that seems worth checking out.

Morrowind is available for PC and the original Xbox.

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Source: Steam, GitHib (quickstart guide)

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