New York-Based IT Company Has Double Their Strength in A Year

Moon Technolabs, the top IT agency in a mobile app development company in India and USA is satisfied to report the launch of another office in India.

We settled on the choice to grow our business tasks in acknowledgment of the top-rated app development services by focusing on trending technologies with a quick support system to fix client queries.”

— Mr. Jayanti Katariya – Techie CEO of Moon Technolabs

NYC, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2022 / — Moon Technolabs, the top IT firm in a mobile app development company in India and USA is satisfied to report the launch of another office in India growing its presence to help worldwide companies across the world. Fully expecting further growth, Moon Technolabs got another office in Ahmedabad because of critical growth users and the requirement for extra specialists and staff.

The office expansion serenely joins the new turn of events and plans tasks to help further growth and technology joint effort with clients and key accomplices. The workplace has been begun on the first of 2009 and has an extra limit that permits the firm to work with the workspace of up to 20+ employees at that time. We’ve now expanded the work area, cafeteria and playing area to accompany our 200+ tech staff. The new office space will allow us to extend our center teams by hiring extra staff individuals to help the growth we are encountering and this move will doubtlessly address our responsibility and capacities in key that line up with our current and future growth plans.

As an industry driving firm, we are constantly paying special attention to ways of serving our clients better and the launch of this new office gives us a chance to expand our brilliant base teams. It will likewise assist us withdrawing in the best ability who are amped up for our vision of utilizing the furthest down-the-line advances to drastically improve the client experience with great solutions and add to the general technology development.
With a cherry on the cake, there are various solutions that Moon Technolabs have endowed.

—) Celebrity look-alike development
Our celebrity-look alike application development services make it simple for you to sort out which celebrity you resemble. The usefulness, all things considered, is really clear. You pick pictures of yourself and afterwards transfer them on the application, and then the application does this automated cycle which incorporates examining the given photograph and coordinating with the data set loaded with VIPs and offering you the right response checking the face features whatnot. It has turned into a craze now to go with the application to see which celebrity you resemble and Moon Technolabs has the ideal response for it as we conform to the most recent philosophies and trends to develop a hearty, easy-to-use, and compelling celebrity that resembles the other the same application.

—) Crypto Wallet App Development
A blockchain wallet or a cryptographic cash wallet is an application that is used for the trading of digital trades or digital monetary forms between clients of a particular blockchain company and setting off-blockchain insightful solutions. The wallet similarly gives induction to its holder’s digital trade history, similarly to their harmony. It fills in as their blockchain character and record.

Crypto wallets have private and public keys that are used to deal with trade information. These keys partner with the blockchain and license clients to send trades (digital monetary forms) and trigger smart agreements. Trade on the blockchain is unfathomable without the usage of a wallet.

With the rising of blockchain, digital cash trades have become continuously supportive and open. As a result of the colossal number of digital types of cash that have been made of late, there has been a developing necessity for strong solutions for token help.

—) Dating App Development
Online dating is the new trend for beginning a relationship be it of any kind. In earlier days, there were numerous techniques for contacting an interest of the other orientation like social affairs through colleagues, meeting in school, meeting at bars or rec centers, regardless, in current meeting events and dating online has taken command over the wide scope of different choices. The dating mobile app services market right presently is developing at a fast speed and twenty to thirty-year-olds are having an imperative impact in this flood. You can relate online dating apps to casual companies since a bigger piece of general society is using them and because of this at some second, you would in like manner consider looking at it.

With the expansion, we are now headed toward a bigger picture in delivering high-end tech solutions to customers across the globe. We are planning to continue with the pace and adapt the new trends and technologies to keep the mobile and web app development, and other IT solutions robust and scalable.

Moon Technolabs is a GESIA award-winning company that developed 700+ mobile apps and successfully delivered 1200+ projects in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East & many with help of 200+ techies to served more than 600+ global clients. Moon Technolabs is a pioneer in:

—) Mobile App Development Services
—) Web Application Development Services
—) On-Demand App Development Solutions
—) eCommerce App Development Services

—) WebRTC App Development Services
—) Blockchain Application Development Services
—) IoT Development Services
—) AR/VR Development Services
—) Cloud Application Development Services
—) Digital Marketing Services

—) Healthcare and Medical App Development Solutions
—) Online Grocery Store App Development Solutions
—) Food Delivery App Development Solutions
—) eCommerce Fashion Store App Development Solutions
—) Hotel and Restaurant Booking App Development Solutions
—) Online eLearning Education App Development Solutions
—) Online Beauty and Salon Booking App Development Solutions
—) Taxi Booking App Development Solutions
—) Fitness and Wellness App Development Solutions
—) Sport & Fantasy App Development Solutions
—) Tour Planning and Ticket Booking App Development Solutions

With that being said, if there are some ideas in your mind, you can contact us for further discussion.

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