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Digital workplaces are full of data sources such as budgets, notes and to-do lists. If you or your team organizing this information with spreadsheets, you may be spending too much time compiling these numbers manually rather than strategizing and making informed decisions.

A dynamic, cooperative platform can help you manage this data efficiency. Stackby, for instance, is a relational database that lets you automate workflows, collaborate with colleagues and customize your sources, which can streamline otherwise tedious tasks. With an average rating of 4.8 out of five on Capterra and AppSumo, this workspace might be worth a look, especially if you’re part of a small business, and

You can start by choosing predefined templates for various workflows such as video production, project management and more. With Stackby’s customization, you may also build your own spreadsheets with over 25 unique data types. Then, simply import your sources. Stackby offers integrations for over 2,000 apps such as Youtube, Facebook and Google through no-code API connectors, ensuring you can capture a wide range of marketing stats, sales details and beyond. Whether your team is or in the office, multiple users can work on these sheets in real-time, which can minimize silos and create a collaborative culture.

Not only can this platform help you compile and organize data more efficiently and with less room for human error, but it may also benefit individuals and teams who make decisions according to these insights. Stackby’s easy-to-use interface lets you filter, color, sort and search through columns to locate information quickly. Plus, spreadsheets are accessible on mobile, desktop or the web via Stackby’s Chrome extension. Review site G2 gave Stackby six awards last year, dubbing it a “High Performer,” the “Easiest Admin” and “Easiest To Do Business With.”

Automating and making workplace tasks collaborative can streamline your projects, and Stackby provides numerous tools that can help. You can , or 77 percent off the retail price.

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