Overcoming challenges: THS grad talks to students about life lessons | Region

Patrick Arryn, a Texas-based sports agent, had a simple message for students at Temple High School on Wednesday.

“Nothing is an accident,” he said.

During a 30-minute speech, Arryn, a 2009 Temple High School graduate, detailed challenges he has overcome in his youth — seizure challenges that have included his father being incarcerated for 20-plus years, a battle with behavioral issues and poor grades.

“I still go back now that I’m 30 years old and ask (questions),” Arryn said. “Why was my mother a middle school dropout? Why did I have to experience and witness of the things that I experienced and some witness? What God showed me was that he wanted to get the glory out of my life. He didn’t want (anybody) to be able to say, ‘I am the reason why Patrick Arryn is standing on that stage.”

However, Arryn understands that progress does not always happen overnight.

“I was in my last year of college (at Baylor University) and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do,” he said. “But I ended up running into some of the most powerful people in the sports industry, who started mentoring me and guiding me towards the path that I realized was my purpose and my passion.”

This path, Arryn emphasized, is one he never thought he would be on.

“Y’all are our next leaders. Believe in yourself,” he said. “I didn’t think it was possible for a kid going through everything he was going through to be able to represent and negotiate contracts for professional athletes … and to be able to sell homes to athletes, rappers, artists and musicians. I didn’t believe in myself, so I came here to tell all of you none of you are an accident.”

Superintendent Bobby Ott said he was grateful to Arryn — who also leads an annual shoe giveaway for Temple ISD students — for his continued impact within the district.

“Shout out to my friend Patrick Arryn … for coming back and pouring in a message of strength and hope to our high school students,” he said in a Tweet.

Gabriel Castro, who started working as a security guard at Temple High School last November, played a large role in bringing Arryn back to his former campus after a conversation with Principal Jason Mayo.

“I actually got with Dr. Mayo about a month ago when we were walking through the hallway … and I was asking him about bringing somebody in to encourage some of the students,” he told the Telegram. “It’s awesome because Patrick Arryn is one of our own and someone who has walked these halls in (the students’) shoes, so he came out as a motivational speaker.”

Castro hopes the students that were in attendance — teenagers with aspirations of becoming doctors, teachers, nurses, professional athletes, coaches, attorneys and public speakers — take Arryn’s story to heart.

“I hope that this will be something that changes their life in the near future — to show them that there is life out of this school,” he said. “Even though they may be struggling now, they can still make a living in the future.”


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