Republican: Troy Wentz | Elections

Address: 60665 736 Road, Sterling

Occupation: Self-employed

Political party: Republican

Troy Wentz, 2022 Republican candidate for Nebraska governor.


What experiences qualify you for this office?

Being a Jack of many, not all trades. Working in a wide range of jobs from farming to paid daily temporary jobs, computer programming, manufacturing engineering and more. Being a polymathic type of person with some knowledge in many areas. People who are masters in their field can do things quicker than I, but I can see the many parts to find a solution to a problem. Not a radical Green New Deal person but connected to nature’s god.

Why do you want to be governor?

I don’t like the direction Biden is taking America. Nebraska’s government is taking too much money. I’d like to bring Republicans, independents and Democrats together to: Rise up against the Demon crats.

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* Change our property taxes from a market value to size system.

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What would be your first-year priorities or agenda?

Property tax system change from market value to size. You have a $100,000 house. People around you are paying $150,000 or more for houses. Your property taxes go up. The size system. People pay more around you, your property taxes stay the same unless you make your house larger. Yes, you will have to vote more, whether to give the government schools/agencies more money, but your property taxes will not increase automatically if market values ​​go higher.

What do you identify as Nebraska’s primary challenges or needs?

1. The harmful policies of people in Washington.

2. Finding waste and inefficient departments in Nebraska’s government.

3. Reducing the cost of education.

4. Give more rights to nonpublic government schools.

5. Communists: The 4,000 acre Ashland lake. Are Pete Ricketts and the Unicameral going to be dictators and take land from people who don’t want to sell?

6. Mutual of Omaha shouldn’t get, take from others, TIF tax breaks. It’s for blighted areas, not downtown Omaha.

What qualities would you bring to the governor’s office?

American colonists didn’t like the direction they were heading then and I don’t like it now. Challenge people who harm others. I want a government that gives a hand up, not money to be lazy. I am a thrifty, spiritual-not-material person who doesn’t like taking money from others. Believer in if government takes less money from people we will have a better quality of life and be able to help others more. Spirit, heart, mind, Libra thinker.

How would you address Nebraska’s workforce challenge and need to attract and retain young people?

Young people? There are a lot of young hard-working people, but too many just want free government money, are lazy and don’t want to work. The greatest workforce challenge is Joe Biden and the Obama people who control him, giving all this free stuff to people. Really, do they have a magic tree that grows money or do working people have to pay more in taxes to give free things to lazy people?


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