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ANGOLA — Learning job-skills, crafting and even dancing are just a few of the actives available to the participants of Easterseals RISE.

Easterseals RISE celebrated the opening of their new location at 907 S. Wayne St. Wednesday.

The previous location on Wohlert Street was not capable of fitting the needs of their participants to the satisfaction of the staff.

With the help of the Steuben County Community Foundation, Easterseals RISE was able to secure the new space on South Wayne Street as well as more resources.

More space, large touch screens, tablets, and larger classrooms are just a few of the new amenities Easterseals RISE acquired.

The larger space provides the participants enough room to have dance classes once a week with enough room for all the spins and jumps they desire.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios out of Fort Wayne joins the participants every Thursday for ballroom dance lessons as well as plenty of freestyle and interpretive dancing. Owner Patrick Didier has been working with Easterseals RISE for the last 15 years.

Easterseals RISE has been helping people with disabilities for over 65 years.

Community members with disabilities have become as independent as possible with personally crafted services.

They are committed to building on their current legacy with continued innovation and expansion of programs for our community.

With their new facility Easterseals RISE has several more plans for their location’s future.

Visions for their future include expanding their employment services, transition programs for young adults, respite services, behavior solutions, and residential options.

Easterseals RISE plans to help individuals achieve their personal goals for employment by helping businesses embrace an inclusive workforce with general and job specific training, on-the-job support and collaborative workplace experiences such as enclaves and employment readiness academics.

Transition programs for young adults will explore both education and employment opportunities for their participants. A new site for a partnership is with Cahoots Coffee Café off of Angola Public Square.

Respite services are giving caregivers an occasional break by providing a safe environment and trained staff to chair for children and adults with disabilities.

Behavior solutions are provided by Easterseals RISE’s behavior consultants. They work with individuals and their families to learn to decrease disruptive or inappropriate behaviors who whole increase the skills they need for success in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities.

Participants residential options are supported by Easterseals RISE by helping them find safe and comfortable homes while helping them increase their independence and explore their community engagements.

For more information on Easterseals RISE or schedule a tour of their new facility contact Crystal Church-Stavitzke at church-stavitzke@erise.org


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