Roland MT-32 Reborn With Raspberry Pi

The Roland MT-32, you’ll no doubt remember, was a MIDI synthesizer first released in 1987 that became an early standard in computer music – being used to create the complete scores for several videogames from the likes of Sierra On-Line and Lucasfilm Games. Retro PC audio hardware is now highly sought after and this translates to high prices. One thing the Raspberry Pi is good at, is breathing life into the retro hardware scene and now, a British engineer has recreated the MT-32, in a much smaller case, using a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W.

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(Image credit: Dale Whinham)
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Dale Whinham's MT32-Pi project

(Image credit: Dale Whinham)

Dale Whinham, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, is a PhD candidate studying computer science and game technology. In what little spare time he has, he restores vintage computers, and makes cool stuff. To coincide with the Raspberry Pi’s tenth birthday, he revealed his MT-32-Pi on Twittercommenting that it is the “first piece of MT32-Pi hardware”, suggesting we may see more.

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