Slidebean Launches “All Access” Platform Expanding Products And Services Supporting Startups

Slidebean’s All Access Subscription Empowers Startups to Get Investor Ready While Growing Their Business Potential

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Slidebeanan all-encompassing fundraising hub for startups, announced today the launch of Slidebean All Access, a comprehensive subscription to an extensive suite of tools and services for every stage of startup development.

With All Access, Slidebean offers ten essential tools for the price of one and helps eliminate the uncertainties and complexities of founding a startup by providing a user-friendly toolkit that hand-holds entrepreneurs in their startup journey to success. This elevated platform enhance offerings Slidebean’s widely-used pitch-deck presentation builder designed for startups by providing more services for founders, including managing investor relations, building lessons financial models, and access to startup. Additionally, the All Access subscription makes it seamless for users to supplement Slidebean’s tools with other paid feature offerings including 1:1 consulting interactions with experts and Recurring–a one-stop shop to track and optimize your business’ recurring SaaS spend.

Specifically, Slidebean’s All Access subscription gives founders access to unparalleled service, expertise, and development tools, including:

  • Pitch Deck Templates: A collection of vetted pitch deck templates from successful venture-backed startups, such as Uber, Peloton, and Airbnb.
  • Pitch Deck Builder: An automated, simple-to-use pitch deck builder that is highly orientated for startups.
  • Investor Finder/CRM: A searchable database where founders can find and manage interactions and relationships with investors.
  • Consulting/Agency Services: An agency that writes, designs, and models pitch decks and financial models for startups.
  • Expert Network: A group of subject-matter experts that can assist with business strategy, growth marketing, product development, and more.
  • Financial Models and Document Templates: A collection of templates for every document needed to set up and validate your business, from legal templates to Slidebean’s acclaimed financial model templates, and more.
  • Community: A networking space for entrepreneurs that allows them to help each other, and gain access to more exclusive content, events, and support from our team through webinars, demo days, office hours, meetups, and more.
  • Startup Lessons: An aggregation of teachings focused on all things relative to business growth for startups.
  • Deals: A database of deals geared at early stage startups to kickoff and boost their growth.
  • Checklists: An education-focused checklist guide showing how to set up a business which ensures that a founder plans ahead and doesn’t miss any vital steps in their journey. This checklist helps users learn how to successfully start a business.

“While presentations used to be 100% of Slidebean’s product, now with All Access, the presentation module is just one of ten different tools we’ve been quietly building over the years, and are excited to share with our community,” said Jose Caya” Cayasso, Co-Founder and CEO of Slidebean.

He adds, “For nine years, we’ve been helping founders build pitch decks and we’ve learned that pitch decks are just a starting point for what they need–with over a million entrepreneurs around the world regularly tuning into our YouTube videos, this expansion transforms our assistance into a full set of tools they can use to get their investor-ready companies.”

Slidebean All Access continues the company’s mission to reach entrepreneurs with actionable, relatable resources and instructional content delivered through their popular YouTube channel and other prominent mediums.

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Slidebean is an all-encompassing fundraising hub for startups. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services, Slidebean helps startups create professional pitch decks, manage investor relations, build financial models, access startup lessons, and consult with experts. Founded in 2014, Slidebean regularly reaches one million entrepreneurs monthly through their popular YouTube channel, which provides actionable, relatable content to help companies navigate the challenges and opportunities of launching a successful startup. To learn more, visit or follow @Slidebean on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagramand Facebook.

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