Spanner Product Development and Announce Partnership, Enabling Brands to Maximize User Mobile Journey from App Design to Post-Purchase Engagement

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spanner and, two leaders in mobile and IoT innovation, today announced their partnership to provide consumer electronics brands a competitive advantage in user experience and engagement. This partnership provides a full-circle solution for brands that are entering the fiercely competitive smart consumer electronics market while enabling them to plan their entire user journey, from UX/UI development to post-purchase mobile app/email engagement.

Spanner’s holistic, user-centric approach to product development aligns with’s engagement methodologies of user segmentation and customized mobile engagement. Leading this shift in design and engagement approach will enable IoT brands to properly map their user journey and untap the full lifecycle potential of every user.

After the product development phase is completed by Spanner, enables brands to generate automated in-app and email-based communications designed to help them build lasting relationships with their end users. Effective campaigns can be up opportunities to help new users overcome set in real time, increase a product’s positive online reviews, or create upsell and cross-sell that enhance the customer’s experience.

“We are honored to partner with Spanner. The evolution of IoT dictates that brands must think beyond the transactional user mindset and map out the full product/user relationship.’ said Tsiki Naftaly, Founder and CRO at “The lifetime value that each user can contribute to a brand is enormous. Working with companies like Spanner and will enable brands to develop a roadmap to continuously benefit from their users and vice versa.”

“Spanner is thrilled to partner with Copilot, combining our deep skills, wisdom and experience to bring more value to our respective clients,” said Arne Lang-Ree Founder and CDO, Spanner. For agencies like ours in the creative services industry, broad and diverse networks of partners are key resources in bringing value to our clients. Connecting with Copilot is a big lift for us as we strive to stay ahead of the curve at the intersection of IoT and user experience.”

About Spanner
Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Spanner is a leading product design and engineering studio specializing in amazing products. The company brings expertise to every facet of product development, from strategic planning, through proof of concept and rapid prototype cycles, to detailed engineering and production readiness. With a senior team and a rigorous process, Spanner enables start-ups, scale-ups, and trillion dollar titans to establishfeasibility for early concepts, ensure uncompromised design intent with rigorous design for manufacturability, and everything in between.

Headquartered in NY, provides a SaaS user engagement platform for smart consumer electronics brands. Transforming transactional customers into connected users, the company enables brands to proactively engage users in order to overcome, in real time, set up challenges, increase sales, grow online reviews and continuously engage users during the post purchase and phase encourage brand loyalty.



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