Start your coding journey with this $40 Java programming guide

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Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, interest growing over time, according to the PopularitY of Programming Language (PYPL) Index. That increased awareness isn’t just because people want to learn how to code for the fun of it. It’s because market trends are demanding workers have stronger tech skills to thrive in evolving environments.

If you’re looking to make yourself a stronger candidate during your job hunt or to give yourself a leg up at your current company, learning Java is a great step. You can do it today with . This eight-course collection is provided by Simpliv, an online learning platform that offers educational courses prepared by leaders in their industry.

The massive learning track includes 94 hours of training, starting with a hands-on approach to understanding object-oriented and functional programming. You’ll learn how to write professional Java code using industry best practices and get up to speed with core concepts including variables, data types, operators, control statements, arrays, packages, debugging and more. The courses also include more than 200 coding exercises, puzzles and code examples to gain hands-on experience with the language.

From there, the courses delve into more practical applications of Java, such as learning how to develop graphical user interface applications using the Spring Framework. You’ll also understand the concepts of a virtual machine, Java Runtime Environment and Java Development Kit (JDK). The advanced lessons even apply the language to machine learning concepts to train your own prediction models. By the end of the bundle, you’ll be ready to ace any Java programming interview.

Get up to speed with one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages. Right now, you can get for just $40.

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