Facebook-owner Meta gives preview of its first store, enterprise tools

BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA May 4 (Reuters) – Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O) on Wednesday gave an early glimpse of its first physical store, which features a floor-to-ceiling screen for showing off games on its virtual reality headsets and rooms for testing video calling devices. The store, set to open on May 9, is located at … Read more

Harassment is a problem in VR, and it’s likely to get worse

Harassment has a long history in digital spaces, but VR’s literally in-your-face medium can make it feel much more real than on a flat screen. And companies behind several of the most popular social VR apps don’t want to talk about it: Meta, along with popular virtual reality social apps VRChat and Rec Room, declined … Read more

Holberton partners with Arbutus College in Vancouver,

SAN FRANCISCO, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Holberton, an education company focused on making first-rate software-engineering education affordable and accessible worldwide, just announced the launch of its partner’s first Computer Science and Front-end Web development Diploma using Holberton’s OS of Education. ​​ “The digital transformation the world is currently experiencing is shaping the workforce … Read more

In VR, there are no rules, so parents are making up their own

Sure, it all happened in VR. But for Roach — who spotted this gory scene while monitoring his son’s VR gaming on a computer screen that mirrored what Peyton was doing with an Oculus Quest 2 headset — it felt uncomfortably real. Roach knew when Peyton looked down in VR he was seeing a weapon … Read more

Fintech Development Tech Stack in 2022

FinTech is the widely used term denoting all the technologies, tools and software apps facilitating financial transactions and management. From simple mobile banking apps to investment and stock apps to insurance apps to payment gateways and mobile wallets to cryptocurrencies, all come under the broad umbrella term of fintech. The global FinTech market is constantly … Read more

A Quick Guide To Building An App For Both Android And iOS

Like Ukraine vs Russia, The Metaverse, and Cryptocurrency, there is one more thing that is in trend for several months and that is the development of mobile applications. There are thousands of mobile applications but still, this market is not going down. Developing a mobile application can be difficult, yet as it is in trend, … Read more

Binance Clone Script- Fastest Solution to Start Your Own Crypto Exchange Like Binance

In this article, I will tell you what Binance is, what is Binance Clone Script, what is Binance Clone App Development and what are its Features! Most young entrepreneurs have this question, why do business enthusiasts always prefer Binance Clone Script as the perfect solution for launching their own cryptocurrency exchange like Binance? The only … Read more

World-Class Software Development Company Comprehends Your Needs

Web development companies play more influence in building the name of the client and their online reputation. At the end, the achievement of a brand’s online reputation usually depends on the skill of web designers. Many users are using the internet to learn more about the products and services provided by a particular company. The … Read more

Metaverse experts reveal if you can murder in virtual world

“Murder” in the metaverse isn’t a 25-to-life prison sentence — or even a felony — but it could be believe a crime, some law experts. The Sun spoke to two lawyers, who have written about crime in the metaverse, and a former Manhattan prosecutor turned law professor about violence in the virtual world and if … Read more

Expert warns virtual police may need to patrol metaverse to stop human trafficking

Virtual police may need to patrol the metaverse to keep users safe from abuse, according to a human trafficking expert. International human trafficking recent expert Matthew Friedman raised his concerns about criminals exploiting virtual reality in a article for the South China Morning Post. Friedman wrote: “Safeguards must be put in place to prevent vulnerable … Read more