Tallmadge high school grad among first in Ohio to join new Space Force

The words “Space Force” may conjure up images of missions to the stars, but the newest branch of the military is as much about cyberspace as outer space. And one Tallmadge High School graduate has been selected to serve in this branch.

Sebastian Carter, 19, who graduated from northern Tallmadge High School in 2021, is only the third Ohio resident recruited to the US Space Force, which was created in December 2019. Currently, there are 11 recruits from Ohio and roughly 2,000 total servings.

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Carter’s interest in computers and cybersecurity makes the Space Force and its training options a good fit, he said.

His early interest in computers came from gaming.

“I built my own PC and I wanted to know how it all came together and worked,” Carter said.

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