The 8 Best Java Blogs for Programmers

As a programmer, you should take challenges to survive and build some wonders in the development or programming field. Hence, if you are seeking to learn an advanced programming language to enhance your career skills, Java is one of the best prospects around.

To develop skills, you should constantly improve your strategies. In recent times, Java has become one of the most popular languages ​​for developers. From the web to Windows, Java has its specialty on different platforms.

The availability of numerous resources and platforms to learn Java may make you perplexed about the learning curve. Therefore, let’s discover the best Java blogs that can assist you in achieving your objective.

Why Should You Learn Java?

Firstly, Java is one of the most readable and easy to write programming languages. Therefore, even in this decade, the prevalence of Java is constantly expanding.

Secondly, Java is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. The syntax of Java is similar to C and C++. Hence, it has become one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages ​​out there.

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Thirdly, with its advanced memory allocation and built-in tools, Java offers portability and versatility. Another incredible thing about Java is that most of its features are open-source. Therefore, it’s useful for beginner-level or small projects.


Lastly, Java constantly updates its features with its API and EE (Enterprise Edition), making it more accessible, compulsive, and efficient.

The 8 Best Java Blogs for Programmers

Here, we will discuss some of the best Java blog sites for all kinds of programmers.

1. Oracle

oracle java blog

Oracle is the owner of Java and one of the most enthusiastic and arguably the best Java blog you can find around. It provides almost all the information on Java on its dedicated blog.

Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation from Texas. From students and educators to developers, it provides everyone with a massive resource about Java, including the history of Java, how companies are utilizing it, valuable tutorials, various tools for Java, and obviously, all the recent updates.

The Oracle blog offers excellent readability, with each blog post usually ranging from two to five minutes of reading time. If you are searching for shorter blogs with meaningful content, you should follow Oracle.

2. Java Code Geeks

Another fantastic community of Java is Java Code Geeks. It’s an independent online platform of Java that provides numerous tutorials, courses, examples, mini-books, SOA, agile, and resources.

Moreover, it has a code geek network section for Java targeting Java architects, senior and junior developers, technical and small projects, and more.

Java Code Geeks also has an exciting “Best of the week” section with the weekly released Java updates.

3. Inside Java

inside java blog

Inside Java is a distinctive kind of Java blog, comparable to checking your daily newspaper. This blog is all about up-to-date news and views on the Java programming language. Besides, there are some links to YouTube playlists and helpful videos on Java to assist you.

Inside Java is an excellent place in collaboration with open-source Java platforms, editions, and several projects. All the blog posts, activities, discussions, and contents are from the members of Oracle. So you are getting all the thoughts and updates freshly from the experienced Java programmers themselves.

4. InfoQ

infoQ java blog

Like its principle “Facilitating the Spread of Knowledge and Innovation in Professional Software Development,” InfoQ is a place where, as everything a developer, you can find related to programming you could ever ask for.

Numerous writers and creators contribute to the InfoQ blog site to provide some extraordinary Java content-related development, architecture, design, security, database, AI, and more.

Related: How to Connect to a MySQL Database With JavaMoreover, this blog also has a DevOps feature based on infrastructure, automation, and cloud computing. Whether you are a fresher, an expert, or in between, InfoQ is a fascinating place to learn and grow.

5. Java Revisited

java revisited blog

Javin Poul, a programmer with seven years of field experience, runs this blog named Java Revisited. It’s a fascinating blog about Java, programming, spring, hibernate, and more. Java Revisited provides numerous how-to’s and step-by-step guidelines for Java, along with quality resources, interview questions, and design patterns.

It also offers various online course recommendations like Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight, and more. In addition, this particular Java blog also writes about the FIX protocol and Tibco RV. Thus, Java Revisited is a convenient blog for both beginners and pros.

6. Baeldung

baeldung java blog

Baeldung provides essential Java resources for programmers. If you are interested in the latest updates and news about Java, you can follow this blog website. It offers professional advice for advanced development. This dedicated blog site focuses on Jackson, HTTP client information, and REST APIs to guide the followers.

Moreover, it has exciting sections like the Java weekly and Baeldung’s newsletter that provide recent updates. Notably, the blog offers a feature called Full Archive to highlight the overview of the current article so that readers can have easy access. Baeldung also has an ebook facility and the opportunity to write for it.

7. Adam Bien’s Blog

adam bien java blog

Adam Bien is a pioneer Java developer and architect working with Java since the release of JDK 1.0 in 1995. He is a freelancing consultant and expert in Java SE, EE, Jakarta EE, and Micro Profile. Besides, he works in web projects like web standard “No Framework.” ES 6+, and more.

Adam has written books and ebooks about Java EE, EX, FX, J2EE, and many more. However, this extraordinary man’s blog site is way much more sincere than others. The site is categorized into seven different sections like video courses, virtual workshops, podcasts, blogs, and news. Moreover, his workshop and events are user-friendly, which is better for advocating in Java.

8. Vlad Mihalcea’s Blog

Vlad Mihalcea java blog

Vlad Mihalcea is one of the most popular global Java companions, JPA expert, and the CEO of Hypersistance. His Java blog website has a diverse range of Java blogs, articles, and books. In his writings, he discusses the correct practices, tips, and tricks about mastering Java. Vlad’s blog is a must-follow site for all developers and Java enthusiasts.

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Everyone Wants Java Developers

Java is a highly efficient and in-demand programming language in the IT industry because of its widespread dependency. To follow the industrial strategies, you need to find good resources that help you to grow your skills. The above-mentioned sources will help you be a better Java developer, enhance your knowledge, and keep you focused on your career goals of learning and utilizing Java.

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