The Five Dirty Secrets To Getting Rich | by Alexandre Lores | Mar, 2022

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Are you sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you unsure of which political party to blame for your current financial situation on?

Then listen up.

I could rephrase this.

The Five Steps to Financial Independence

These steps are deceptively simple, but if you actually work hard and fully do these actions, it’s very difficult not to create financial prosperity.

  1. Get out of your own way.
  2. Create value.
  3. Make a difference.
  4. Live below your means.
  5. Invest the surplus, and hold for ten years.

Ok, congratulations, now you’re rich. Ok it’s not THAT easy, but you can make this happen. Let’s break this down.

1. Get Out Of Your Own Way

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You can achieve the abundance necessary to achieve wealth, prosperity, financial freedom, or whatever that means to you. And the blunt truth is that you are either working toward that goal or you are not. In fact, the biggest barrier to you accomplishing this could be you.

There are a lot of things standing in your way, the question is do you want it bad enough to get past those things?

If you are standing in your own way, you need to change that first. No blog, YouTube video or self-help book will make you a millionaire if you keep holding yourself back.

There were one million brand-new millionaires created in the US in 2021. Their government couldn’t possibly have been any worse than yours was if you are in the US. The same goes for other countries.

A bad time for the economy with runaway inflation or the opposite, a recession can only make it harder for your to accomplish your financial goals. It cannot stop you. Only you can do that.

If you set goals, decide to get them done and follow the steps above, it is extremely unlikely that you will be stopped from accomplishing them in any economy.

You are either working towards creating the abundance necessary to achieve wealth, prosperity, financial freedom, or whatever you call it, or you are not.

Aside from a healthy attitude change, which is necessary if you are in your own way, you might have to do more. If you have the following going on, you need to do something about it and get these matters resolved:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse. This costs money too!
  • Deeply troubling familial or romantic issues.
  • Unresolved disputes in life or business taking hours of your time every week.

You have a certain number of hours per week. If many of these hours are being tied up in these issues, you are not focused on your success.

2. Create Value

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This applies if you are startup founder, a corporate executive, a shop owner, an employee, or even if you are unemployed right now.

Successful startups and good paying jobs could be summed up by:

  • Finding out what others need and want.
  • Making, providing, or delivering it.

It could be something that requires a lot of training like dentistry or computer programming, or hands-on skills, like painting or carpentry.

Don’t be obsessed with money. This doesn’t mean that you work for free, ether. It simply means that you find out what needs there are, create valuable products or services that people want and deliver it. The money will come.

3. Make A Difference

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Work hard to increase the quality of your work. Care about your customer or job or whoever is the end user of what you create. Make sure what you are doing makes a difference in their lives.

If you deliver a good product or service, you will do okay. If you surprise people with a great product or experience that they wouldn’t expect from another, you’re on the way to prosperity.

4. Live Below Your Means

Simply stated, spend less than you make.

The best way to do this is to have a good income stream and live frugally in comparison to this.

If you don’t have a budget to track your spending, this is an important step. Of course, if you make less than your bills, this could be hard or impossible.

The best way to resolve this is to work out a larger income stream. This could be through getting a better-paying job, starting a side hustle or the starting your own business. Not sure what to do, look at what you could do on Steps 2 and 3 above.

5. Invest the Surplus, and Hold for Ten Years

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You can make a lot of money, and never seem to have any.

I also know no one who has become a millionaire by putting what’s left from their paycheck into a savings account that gives 1% interest.

It takes investing, not savings to create wealth. What to invest in?

Bitcoin and Crypto

Bitcoin and other digital assets have created more new wealth in the past decade than any other asset class. The total value of all cryptocurrencies is around $2.1 trillion as of this writing.

I have written dozens of pieces on this, which you can explore, including how to do your own research. As a caution, risk and reward go together. This is a new asset class, which is full of scams as well as garbage investments. At the same time, it’s more than worth it to figure this out — many cryptocurrencies have increased over 1,000% in the past two years.

Personally, this is where I am putting the largest portion of excess funds for the rest of this decade into this sector. These are far riskier and have experience the greatest long-term returns compared to other asset classes I mention in here.

Don’t have the time to figure crypto out? A simple strategy is to simply put a set amount into Bitcoin every month using Swan Bitcoin.

Don’t touch it for ten years.


You can put funds into specific stocks or to lower your level of risk, you can put it into baskets of stocks called ETFs. There are many different ETFs that you can invest in that cover sectors like social media companies or banks, or countries like Vietnam or Brazil.

Read this for some basic terms that will help understand the area of ​​stock investing better. There are apps out there like Stash that allow you to set certain amounts as little as $5 to automatically invest weekly or monthly.

There are also different types of retirement accounts that offer tax advantages if they are held onto until retirement age.

Since 1926, the US stock market has gained about 10% annually.

Real Estate

Real estate is another popular avenue for investing. There are some real estate ETFs on Stash that allow investing in increments as little as $5. Normally real estate investing requires higher amounts of capital.

According to the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), as of Q1 2021 the average 25-year return for private commercial real estate properties held for investment purposes slightly outperformed the S&P 500 Index, with average annualized returns of 10.3% and 9.6 %, respectively. Residential and diversified real estate investments also averaged returns of 10.3%.

It should be noted that past performance does not guarantee future results. That being said, whatever sector or sectors you choose to invest in, the key to massive returns are to be right and to be early, such as a new company with massive growth potential, or a digital asset like Bitcoin.

If you are aiming for slower, more steady growth, you could also target investments with a long-term track record.


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Today is the best day to build a better future. Get started on this. Sometimes you need to start with baby steps. Just make sure you are moving in the right direction. I would love nothing more than to hear that you read this and decided to prosper and did so.

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