Upcoming Stock Splits In March 2022

Nouveau Global

The small cap company “Nouveau Global Ventures Limited” initially incorporated in 1988 has a presence across diverse businesses. The company’s business verticals include automation, multimedia, real estate and infra, electronics, agriculture, global enterprises. The company listed on BSE is priced at Rs. 13.84 as on March 4, 2022 shall trade ex-split from March 7, 2022 from the previous face value of 10 to new FV of Rs. 1. According to a latest update on the sub-division or split, as per the approval given to the split, new ISIN has been assigned for equity shares having face value of Rs. 1 each. The new ISIN No. for face value of equity shares of Re.1j- each is INE317B01042.

BCL Enterprise

BCL Enterprise

This is a NBFC concern under category B ie not accepting deposits. The main business of the Company is to carry on the business of financiers (not amounting to banking business) by way of lending and advancing money to industrial, commercials and other enterprises. The company’s stock were listed on the BSE on 4th February 2016.

The company’s board has approved stock split in its face value to the new FV of Rs. 1 and also will be issuing bonus shares in the proportion of 1:1. The last traded price of the NBFC stock has been Rs. 57.75 per share.

Mauria Udyog: This is again a small cap scrip listed on the BSE. The company is the country’s largest manufacturer and exporter of LPG cylinders, valves, regulators and related accessories, having an annual production of about 4 million for LPG cylinders and 5 million for valves, whereas for regulators it is about 4 million units.

The company on February 28, 2022 announced the sub-division of shares to new FV of Rs. 1 and the same as per the filing dated 4th March will take place under the new ISIN ie INE I 50DOI 027

Ultracab India: The company is a leading manufacturer of quality products in Electrical Wires & Cables. The company’s product range comprises ouse Wires (UTP FR / FRLS / HRLF / ZHFR), Submersible Flat Cables, Industrial Flexible Cables, PVC/XLPE Power & Control Cables among others. The subdivision of face value of equity shares from Rs. 10 to Rs. 2 each. The company informed the revised record date for the split as March 12, 2022.

Ramkrishna Forgings

Ramkrishna Forgings

The castings and forgings company supplies to various sectors including Automotive, Railways, Farm Equipment, Bearings, Oil & Gas, Power and Construction, Earth Moving & Mining, both in India & overseas markets. The company also supplies to OEMs such as TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, VE Commercial and Daimler in India and to Volvo, Mack Trucks, Iveco, Ford in the overseas markets. Also the company supplies in global markets to Tier 1 axle manufacturers like Dana, Sisamex, Meritor and American Axles.

Ex-date for the split of stocks from FV of Rs. 10 to Rs. 2 is March 14, 2022, while the record date for the same is March 15, 2022.

Alliance Integrated: The company is engaged in the manufacturing of steel with its concentration in manufacturing specialty steel and alloy products catering primarily to automobile applications and also for Industrial, Engineering Applications to a limited extent.

DRC Systems

DRC Systems

The company is a software development and mobile app development company. The company is based out of Gujarat

For the stock split of equity shares of FV of Rs. 10 each into equity shares of FV of Rs. 1, the record date has been fixed as March 17, 2022.

How stock price is impacted post stock split?

In a stock split as the number of shares held increase, nevertheless, the stock’s m-cap as well as its investment value remains unchanged. In case there is announced 1:2 stock split and the stock’s FV sees a change from Rs. 10 to Rs. 5 then in case prior to the split you owned 1 share, then post the split you would own 2 shares.

So, the stock price also changes as per the stock split ratio, so if the stock split is in the ratio of 1:2 and the stock is priced at Rs. 900 before the split then it post the split shall be halved in price to Rs. 450 per share. Likewise, in a case if the ratio of stock split is 1:5 and the FV reduces from Rs. 10 to Rs. 2, in such a case, the price shall get reduced to Rs. 900/5= Rs. 180 per share.

Stock Old FV New FV Ex-split
Nouveau Global Rs. 10 Rs. 1 7th March 2022
BCL Enterprises Rs. 10 Rs. 1 10th March 2022
Mauria Udyog Rs. 10 Rs. 1 10th March 2022
Ultracab India Rs. 10 Rs. 2 10th March 2022
Ramkrishna Forgings Rs. 10 Rs. 2 14th March 2022
Alliance Integrated Rs. 10 Rs. 1 15th March 2022
DRC Systems Rs. 10 Rs. 1 16th March 2022

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